Problem with Logic Pro X when using live loops with drum kits?

Asked by: Benjamin Keebler

How do you use drum loops in Logic Pro X?

To open the Loop Browser, click in the upper-right corner of the Logic Pro window, or press the letter O on your keyboard. Drummer Loops appear in the Loop Browser with a yellow icon . To show only Drummer Loops in the Loops Browser, select Drummer from the Loop Packs pop-up menu at the top of the Loops Browser.

How do you import drum loops into logic?

Click and drag your sample onto whatever note you want it on.

How do I record a live loop in Logic Pro?

In Logic Pro, click the Enable Performance Recording button at the upper-left corner of the Live Loops grid. Make sure that Cycle mode is turned off (click the Cycle button in the Control Bar) and the project playhead in the Tracks area is positioned where you want to start recording your Live Loops performance.

How do you turn off auto loop in Logic Pro?

So you just click on the empty region on your track. And then go to your inspector. Do the drop down for region. And then uncheck loop and that's basically.

How do you use drum Loops?

So the way we utilize drum loops effectively for me is if you already have a very strong clap an open hat there's really no reason for you to mess that up. And not clean up your drum loop.

How do you make a good drum in Logic Pro?

We can just go over here and it says add sample to drum machine designer. So if you do that again. It's gonna open it up again and it's just gonna automatically. Place it in the next available slot.

How do you get drum Loops?

The drum the main drum groove and that percussion loop into Ableton now what you want to do is make sure that you have warp on and you've make sure that your actual markers if you're changing.

Are logic drum samples good?

The Drummer/Drumkit Designer stuff in Logic X is so incredibly cool. Not only is it painlessly useful, simple and powerful as a writing tool … the samples sound amazing! The kit I’m using (custom based on the Gretsch kit with the Yamaha kick) sounds unbelievable both independently and in a full music mix.

How do you set a loop region in logic?

If you right click and then click on auto set locators. Whatever region you click on a highlight it will then automatically. Put the loop function to that particular part so we highlight this bit.

How do you set cycle range in logic?

And you create a cycle range section you can drag in either. Direction. Left to right or right to left and you create a cycle range. Now when you drag to create that sarangi it always snaps.

How do you set cycle range in Logic Pro?

Set the Loop/Cycle By a Selected Region

Simply click the region you want to loop/cycle and use either the U key or Command-U. U, sets the loop “rounded” around the chosen region so if it didn’t start at the beginning of a bar, you won’t loose sync when the loop comes back around.

Is it OK to use drum loops?

Yes. If you use a pre-existing drum loop as part of a composition that you have composed, arranged, and/or produced yourself, this is acceptable. This includes drum loops found in DAWs, audio software and sample CDs that give you license to use drum loops in stock audio that can be redistributed.

How can I make my drum loops sound better?

The length of each of these patterns. Also comes down to how long your melody loops are you may notice it will sound better when these two line up in rep position both restarting at the same time.

How long should drum loops be?

At most, I keep my loops to 8 bars long. It’s enough space to have fun with variation and drum-work without it getting dull, and it leaves room to build on top of in the next set of loops. Melodic sections are around 32 bars total (8 for the buildup) and 16 bars total for the drop.

How many bars should be in a loop?

16 bars before you hear a pattern repeat gives your mind more space to breathe.

How do you make good drum beats?

15 Tips for Writing Drum Beats for New Songs

  1. Play the “Money Beat.” …
  2. Take away a kick drum. …
  3. Take away a snare drum. …
  4. Double the guitar or piano rhythm. …
  5. Change the Cymbal sound. …
  6. Add a syncopated snare drum hit. …
  7. Play a march. …
  8. Support the backbeat with a tom.

How long do you keep loop?

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How do you perfectly loop a song?

Once you've exported the audio either drag it into a separate project or use the same one if you do move it back into the same project make sure to mute everything except for the rendered loop.

How do we properly make a loop?

Use side cutters to cut the wire, leaving a tail that’s about one third of an inch long. Position your round nose pliers at the end of the tail, making sure the tail faces away from your body. Wrap the wire towards you to create a loop. When making a link like this you’ll want both loops to face the same direction.