Playing saxophone without using the octave key?

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Can a sax play in any key?

The instrument is not locked to that key. Eg. Bb tenor saxophone plays a C to them, it is a Bb on piano. It’s to do with the size of the instrument, and having a C major scale that doesn’t use ‘black keys’.

What does the octave key do on saxophone?

On a saxophone, the octave key is positioned next to the left-hand thumb rest. Pressing the octave key opens the top tone hole in the neck of the saxophone. Alternatively, whenever the G key is fingered, the top tone hole closes and a small tone hole is opened near the top of the body.

What is the easiest key to play on saxophone?

So using those transposed (alto) keys, some would say the ‘easier’ keys would be A, G, and D, with E, B, F# and C# being ‘harder’ (more sharps).

How do I fix the saxophone octave key?

Hold down the octave key and Bend the other. Direction. There should be just a small gap.

Why is saxophone in E flat?

The use of the saxophone in marching bands was much more popular than in orchestras so the Bb and Eb lived on and the C and F saxophones became extinct. The use of Bb and Eb simply meant that people writing charts for marching bands only had 2 keys to deal with.

Can a saxophone play all notes?

In Western tonal music, we generally say a full major or minor scale is made up of eight notes (although there can be up to 24 in middle eastern music which uses the Arab tone system). But this alto saxophonist has proved it is possible to squeeze 128 notes into an octave, starting on A1 and ending on A2.

Why is my saxophone only playing high notes?

Assuming the issue is not the player, the most likely causes of a saxophone only playing high notes are a leak in the instrument or an octave key that is stuck open. Simple steps can be taken to identify the exact issue. In both cases, however, you should take your saxophone to a specialized repair person.

How do you change the octave on a saxophone?

I have here a tenor saxophone. If you see here this is called the octave key doing sacks of doing octaves on the saxophone is actually pretty simple it's just a matter of pressing the octave key.

How many octaves are in a saxophone?

two and a half octaves

All the instruments were given an initial written range from the B below the treble staff to the E♭ one half-step below the third ledger line above staff, giving each saxophone a range of two and a half octaves.

Why won’t my saxophone play high notes?

The most common reason that high notes don’t work is that the octave pip on the neck of the saxophone isn’t closing properly. This can be fixed by bending the metal piece on the neck ever so slightly so that it seals completely. This is the most common reason, and it is the first one that you should check.

How do you adjust the octave mechanism on a saxophone neck?

If the octave mechanism. Or key rather is not opening up high enough to open up that angle what you're going to do is. Put your fingers underneath the pad here and you can do this with two hands.

How do you use the octave key on a tenor sax?

That's the only key that's on the thumb on a alto tenor soprano saxophone the octave key comes into use when you're moving from anywhere above middle C sharp. So I just moved from C sharp to D.

How many octaves does a tenor sax have?

Modern tenor saxophones which have a high F♯ key have a range from A♭2 to E5 (concert) and are therefore pitched one octave below the soprano saxophone.

Tenor saxophone.

Woodwind instrument
Hornbostel–Sachs classification 422.212-71 (Single-reed aerophone with keys)
Inventor(s) Adolphe Sax
Developed 28 June 1846
Playing range

How many octaves does alto sax have?

The alto saxophone’s range is from concert pitches Db3 (otherwise known as the Db below middle C) to Ab5. This gives the alto a range of 2 octaves and a Major Fifth. If the alto has a high F# key, this extends the range to A5. The functional written pitch of the alto saxophone is Bb3 to F6 (F#6 with the high F# key).

How do you play a key on a saxophone?

We learned that B is just our very first finger on the first home key a is pretty easy we just add our second finger on the second. Home key so we have home keys one and two on our left. Hand.

How do you growl on alto sax?

And that's pretty much how your growl is created if you're having trouble with getting the air the air sound and the raspy thing at the same time and the way I just showed you get the air going first.

How do you play C on saxophone?

We have a middle C which is just the middle finger on our left hand middle finger on our left hand sounds like a sea. Looks like a sea smells like a see this is what it actually sounds like.