Playing a C major scale in thirds using both hands?

Asked by: Toni Kang

How do you play C major with both hands?

In this video I'm going to show you how to play C major scale on piano both hands together if you haven't done the left and right hand separately.

How do you play a major scale in thirds?

And e the distance from the a to the c sharp is a major third from the c sharp to the e is a minor third if we look at the notes in a b minor chord.

How do you finger scale in thirds?

Keep going generally with respect to fingers while playing thirds you want to just pretty much use the first three the thumb the index. And the middle finger on descending.

What are the thirds for the key of C major?

One two three that's a third. And you know cde.

How do you play the C major scale?

A half step to the sixth fret which is F a whole step to the eighth fret which is G. Another whole step to the tenth fret because that's a a final whole step to the twelfth fret that's B.

How do you practice the C major scale?

And contact with the floor at all times sit on the bench with your knees only your knees under the key for the one octave C major scale going up the fingering order we will use is thumb.

How do you harmonize thirds?

There are 3 intervals apart. And that's the case with each one of these. So there's sort of a stack it's the same scale you've just sort of staggered it now you've offset 1 by 3 intervals.

What does it mean to play a scale in thirds?

If you play a scale in thirds it means each note in the scale is followed by the third note in that scale. The first note G follows up by the third note B, then you play the second note of the scale A which follows up by a C and so on. So you get the notes: G-B, A-C, B-D, C-E, D-F#, E-G, G-B.

How do thirds work in music?

And basically to make a major third you go up four seven times so one two three four. And to make a minor third you just go up three.

How do you play a major third on piano?

We will start with the C major chord to play a major chord all you do is play a key skip three keys play a key ok skip two keys and play a key play a key skip.

What are the three elements in the rule of threes in music?

The first element sets up the topic, the second element establishes a pattern and the third element breaks the pattern, disrupting our expectations and hopefully causing us to laugh.

Why is the rule of three so powerful?

Since three is the smallest number of points required to create a pattern, information presented in threes forms a pattern which can be more easily remembered. As a result, information presented in a group of three is more memorable than that presented in groups of say, two or five.

How do you use the rule of three?

3 Ways to Use the Rule of Three in Your Writing

  1. Three-part structure. Use a three-part structure to organize your writing. …
  2. Tricolon. At the sentence level, try using a group of three words that parallel each other in length and/or form. …
  3. Hendiatris. Use three words that work together to convey a single concept.