Pentatonic scale with a sharpened 2nd note, any name?

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What are the names of the 5 pentatonic scales?

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  • G Major Pentatonic – E shape / Position 1.
  • G Major Pentatonic – D shape / Position 2.
  • G Major Pentatonic – C shape / Position 3.
  • G Major Pentatonic – A shape / Position 4.
  • G Major Pentatonic – G shape / Position 5.

What are the 5 pentatonic scales for piano?

The Major Pentatonic Scale is a very consonant & pleasant sounding scale. This is because: It is made of stacked Perfect 5th intervals: C, G, D, A, E; and. It has no semitone intervals between any of the notes.

What are the two main types of pentatonic scale?

There are two common pentatonic scales: the major pentatonic and the minor pentatonic. The major pentatonic scale shares five notes with the major scale. The first, second, third, fifth, and sixth notes of the major scale become the five notes in the major pentatonic scale.

What is Dorian pentatonic?

The Dorian pentatonic scale is a minor scale built with five notes. It is sometimes referred to as “Kumoï scale”, a Japanese scale. The formula is : 1 (tonic), 2 (second), b3 (minor third), 5 (perfect fifth) and 6 (natural sixth).
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What are pentatonic scales?

pentatonic scale, also called five-note scale or five-tone scale, musical scale containing five different tones. It is thought that the pentatonic scale represents an early stage of musical development, because it is found, in different forms, in most of the world’s music.

How many pentatonic scale shapes are there?

5 Shapes

There are 5 Shapes for the pentatonic scale and each shape contains both major and minor pentatonic scales. Remember that the major and minor pentatonic scales are the same group of notes but with a different note acting as the root note or tonal center.

What are the notes in a minor pentatonic scale?

Notes of the A minor pentatonic scale

This means the formula for the minor pentatonic scale is made up of the 1st (root), 3rd (♭3), 4th (p4), 5th (p5), and 7th (♭7) from the minor scale. For the A minor pentatonic scale, this gives us the notes A, C, D, E, and G.

What are the 5 notes of pentatonic Chinese scale?

Most Chinese music uses a pentatonic scale, with the intervals (in terms of lǜ) almost the same as those of the major pentatonic scale. The notes of this scale are called gōng 宫, shāng 商, jué 角, zhǐ 徵 and yǔ 羽.

How many minor pentatonic scales are there?

five different patterns

There are five different patterns to the minor pentatonic scale. Each has its own personality and adds its own feeling to a guitar lick. To be truly free to improvise across the entire fretboard, you need to know all five of them. Learn all the patterns thoroughly and also learn them in different keys.

Is there a Lydian pentatonic scale?

The Lydian pentatonic scale is made of five notes built from the following interval pattern : 1 (tonic), 2 (second), 3 (third), #4 (augmented fourth) and 6 (sixth). It can be seen as the major pentatonic scale where the fifth is lowered by a half-step, thus giving the b5 wich is actually the same note as the #4.

What is the mixolydian pentatonic scale?

The mixolydian scale is widely used in rock, blues, jazz, funk and soul improvising. It comes from a major scale starting on the 5th scale degree. In other words, to play a G mixolydian scale, start on G but play all of the notes in a C major scale (G-A-B-C-D-E-F-G).

What mode does Santana use?

the Dorian mode

Carlos Santana is a big user user of the Dorian mode. In this course, we will discuss firstly what the Dorian mode is, and then how to apply it to your lead playing in order to play like Santana! We also learn a couple of cool licks using the new scale shapes.

What is the second note in C major scale?

1. C major scale

Note no. Degree name
1 C is the tonic of the C major scale
2 D is the supertonic of the C major scale
3 E is the mediant of the C major scale
4 F is the subdominant of the C major scale

Why are pentatonic scales called pentatonic?

The pentatonic scale takes its name from the Latin words penta meaning ‘five’ and tonus which means ‘sound’ or ‘tone’ and so the pentatonic scale is simply a five note musical scale.

What are the 5 musical notes?

And sharp to access the other five notes of what we call the chromatic scale that is the set of twelve different pitches on which most Western music is based the letters we use our a b c d e f.

What is the meaning pentatonic?

consisting of five tones

Definition of pentatonic

: consisting of five tones specifically : being or relating to a scale in which the tones are arranged like a major scale with the fourth and seventh tones omitted.

Are all pentatonic scales the same?

Pentatonic scales contain five notes, which is how it gets its name (Penta=5, tonic = tones). There is a major pentatonic scale and a minor pentatonic scale. The awesome part is that they contain the same note intervals (with differing roots), so the patterns are the same. You just need to learn a new root note.

How do you write a pentatonic scale?

So I'm going to begin by selecting the quaver or eighth notes is quite a fast note. And I'm going to run up and down the pentatonic scale starting on the key note D. I'll start with the lower one so