Other than tone, are there reasons to consider a semi-hollow over a solid body electric guitar?

Asked by: Jennifer Leonardo

What is the point of semi-hollow guitars?

Semi-hollow electric guitars feature a wooden centre block to mount pickups. This eliminates the blustery feedback of a fully hollow guitar. Therefore, most semi-hollows are better equipped for music requiring overdrive or distortion.

Why were solid body electric guitars more popular than hollow bodied ones?

Because the greater mass and diminished acoustic resonance of a solid-body emphasizes fewer frequencies, allowing the guitar’s pickups to focus on less sonic information. This also helps explain why solid-body guitars tend to have better sustain than hollow-bodies.

Are semi-hollow guitars harder to play?

I’ll add that the body size and shape of semi-hollows are different than solid body models: Generally larger, thicker and wider, with shapes and proportions that often make them more difficult to hold and play comfortably. It’s necessary for their acoustic properties, but not always so comfortable.

Are semi-hollow guitars good for rock?

Semi-hollow guitars are highly versatile in many guitar tones and great for a spectrum of genres. These guitars are excellent for rock, jazz, blues, pop, funk, Indie, and country. However, they are not ideal for metal as they are highly prone to feedback and noise issues.

What is the difference between a hollow body guitar and a semi-hollow body guitar?

Hollow body electric guitars have no wood inside the body, similar to an acoustic, but instead of a sound hole, they have pickups. Semi-hollow body electric guitars are in between solid body and hollow body styles.

Do semi-hollow guitars sound good unplugged?

Can you play them unplugged and get a good tone? Well, the guitar itself will definitely resonate much more compared to solid-body or semi-hollow body guitars. And the tone is definitely not too bad.

What is the advantage of a semi-hollow body guitar?

The advantage of a semi-hollow body guitar is that it can be amplified to hold its own against other instruments without losing its unique tone. A semi-hollow body can sound like either an acoustic guitar or an electric guitar based on tone settings.

What are the benefits of a hollow body guitar?

Hollow body guitars are great for blues, jazz, and classic rock. They produce clear, clean and soft tones. You can recognize them because they have two f-shaped holes on its large bodies. Semi-hollow guitars have increased gain and are better suited for rock and other modern genres.

Does semi-hollow affect tone?

Longer. And there's a bit more treble bite on the solid body versus the semi hollow. And so depending upon the kind of music you play you know this is a rock blues.

Can you play metal on a semi-hollow?

A semi-hollow can easily do metal, but for a lot of genres the sound may be overly resonant and loose. It can be done, though. You can create some unique sounds with it.

Why do semi-hollow guitars feedback?

Undoubtedly, hollow and semi-hollow body guitars are more prone to feedback. The reason is when soundwaves get trapped inside the hollow chamber, it promotes more string and pickup vibration. These vibrations are sent back to the amp and back to the hollow chamber, and the process repeats.

Do semi-hollow guitars sound different?

If you strum a semi-hollowbody electric guitar acoustically, it will be distinct from a solidbody by its louder tone.

Are Les Paul guitars Hollow?

The Quick Answer. The Les Paul is not a hollow body guitar. There are three main body types: hollow, semi-hollow and solid. The Les Paul has a solid body type.

What was the problem with the hollow body electric guitar?

The reason why hollow body guitars tend to be affected more is because they are highly susceptible to acoustic feedback. Solid body guitars are completely immune to this while semi hollows are somewhere in between. Some people out there might think that switching over to humbuckers might help alleviate this problem.

Is a hollow body guitar worth it?

Hollow body guitars are definitely worth it if you are specifically looking to play warmer clean tones. Buying a hollow body guitar for a dirty tone is not worth it. If you play Jazz and Blues a lot, hollow body guitar should be a good buy because the tone produced is great for those genres.

Do hollow body guitars sound like acoustic?

On an acoustic, the soundhole amplifies the tone, whereas a hollow body electric absorbs that acoustic resonance through the pickups. While many acoustics do indeed feature electronics so they can be louder, they’re not necessary to achieve the desired sound.