Notes associated with trumpet?

Asked by: Jacqueline Robinson

How do you make a sound on a trombone?

We can make it higher or lower we can do that by slightly changing the shape of our lips inside the mouthpiece. And by changing our air so we can make a.

How do trombone players make a sound on their instrument?

Sound is produced by buzzing the lips

Since they do not use reeds, when playing a trombone a player causes his or her lips to vibrate-basically acting as the instrument’s reed. What this means is that the mouthpiece does not contain any vibrating parts.

How does a trombone work?

Trombones work by using the slide to change the length of the tubing, which controls the pitch of the sound. The slide has seven positions, counted in order from the 1st position (toward you) to the 7th position (fully extended). However, there are no position markers on the tubing.

What mechanism does a trombone use to play different notes?

Most brass instruments use valves to alter the pitch, but trombones have a telescoping slide mechanism instead. Many modern trombone models also have a valve attachment which lowers the pitch of the instrument.

How do brass instruments make sound?

Like the woodwind family, brass players use their breath to produce sound, but instead of blowing into a reed, you vibrate your own lips by buzzing them against a metal cup-shaped mouthpiece. The mouthpiece helps to amplify the buzzing of the lips, which creates the sound.