MuseScore 3: Play Different Instrument per Voice?

Asked by: John Franklin

Click on the first note of the part. In the master palette, select Text > Staff text . In the element inspector (for the staff text ) click the Properties button. Set the voices to different channels.

How do you split voices in MuseScore?

Select one or more continuous measures (or a range of notes); From the Menu bar, select Tools → Voices ; Select the option for the two voices you want to exchange.

How do you play parts separately in MuseScore?

Musescore “solos” the Part you’re viewing during playback—i.e. no other Parts sound. This is because the Mixer’s “Play Part Only” box is checked by default. Simply uncheck the “Play Part Only” checkbox if you want hear all play enabled tracks while viewing a Part.

How do you change the playback instrument in MuseScore?

Change instrument

  1. Right-click on an empty part of the measure and choose Staff Properties…
  2. Click on Change Instrument.
  3. Choose your new instrument and click OK to return to the Staff Properties dialog.
  4. Click OK again to return to the score.

How do you add multiple instruments in MuseScore?

You will want to go up to the left hand side of the screen go to edit. And then you will go down to instruments. So you can click on instruments. You also could just press i. And that would also bring

How do you isolate instruments in Musescore?

In other words, Click on a measure in the bass part, hold down the Ctrl key, then click on a measure in the lead trumpet’s part, so that both are selected (but not the instruments in between), then press Ctrl-Spacebar (or whatever) to play only those instruments’ parts, starting with the highlighted measure.

How do you play one staff on Musescore?

Play just one staff?

  1. Select the measures.
  2. Using the F6 filter, uncheck the voice you DO want to playback.
  3. Using the F8 inspector, click ‘NOTES’ and then uncheck PLAY. 2.0.1/Win7 Pro. Marc Sabatella • Jan 16, 2016 – 21:03. To open the Mixer, see the View menu, or press F10. OlyDLG • Jan 17, 2016 – 09:44.

How do you add multiple voices in MuseScore?


  1. Start by entering the top voice (all the up-stem notes). …
  2. If you are using a computer or MIDI keyboard to enter notes (instead of the mouse), use the ← key to move your cursor back to the beginning of the staff (or measure)
  3. Click on “Voice 2” button.
  4. Enter all the bottom voice notes (all the down-stem notes).

How do you add multiple parts in MuseScore 3?

So if you go to edit. And then you can go down to instruments. And this will bring up the same box that we used to originally choose what instruments we're going to have. So here if you've watched my

How do you add custom instruments to MuseScore?

Add or edit instruments

Open the file instruments. xml , or the one you selected previously with a text editor, such as Notepad++ or PsPad (Note: don’t use Notepad or Wordpad on Windows). You can copy/paste this to add instruments in a new category, or an existing instrument group.

How do you do triplets in Musescore 3?

Create a triplet in note input mode

In the case of an eighth note triplet, click on the quarter note in the note input toolbar (or press 5 on the keyboard). Press the keyboard shortcut for a tuplet, Ctrl + 3 (Mac: Cmd + 3 ); alternatively, use the menu, Add → Tuplets → Triplet .

How do tuplets work?

Tuplet is a generic term that describes a grouping of notes that would not normally occur within a beat. A quarter note naturally divides into two eighth notes or four sixteenth notes. A triplet is a grouping of three eighth notes that occurs within the span of the quarter note.

What are quarter note triplets?

Quarter note triplet: A quarter note triplet consists of three-quarter notes over the same amount of time as two-quarter notes or a single half note. Quarter note triplets are known as crotchet triplets in Britain.

How do you do flat IO triplets?

On Flat, you can add a tuplet by choosing first the inner duration of the tuplet, then open the Note toolbar, and click on the Tuplet icon and choose the tuplet you want to use. Some examples: To insert a triplet of eighths notes, insert an eighth rest/note, then click on Tuplet and choose Triplet.

How do you use Flatio?

Go ahead and pick the instrument that you want let's say oh I don't want two pianos. I wanted viola you know glockenspiel.

How do you add crotchet triplets in Musescore?

To create triplets, use the following instructions:

  1. Enter “Note input mode” by pressing N .
  2. Select the note that the triplet is based on.
  3. Type Ctrl + 3 (Mac: ⌘ + 3 ).
  4. For other tuplets: the same steps by typing the equivalent number (4 = Quadruplet; 5= Quintuplet…)
  5. Fill in the notes.