REVIEW: Midnite City – Itch You Can’t Scratch

I first saw Midnite City play an album launch gig at a small, sweaty pub in Nottingham a few years back and was blown away by the sheer energy these guys displayed. Now they are back with a vengeance with this, their latest offering! They have always provided us with top notch melodic rock and this album takes things to another level.

The opening track, Crawlin’ In The Dirt explodes in your ears from the very first moment! A driving rhythm punches through from the start and just keeps coming!

Atomic puts you in mind of some of Deff Leppard’s finest work! That slightly lazy beat that gets your head nodding and feet tapping exactly as intended. Great vocals and infectious twiddly keyboards used to great effect here!

Fire Inside is more of a rock power ballad and is a true delight. Get the lighters and start swaying to this one! These guys have mastered the art of subtlety, nothing over done or overplayed.

Track 4 is Darkest Before The Dawn and will be adored by all melodic rock aficionados. This is such a well balanced song that incorporates soaring vocals alongside a superb rhythm section and awesome guitar solo. 

I Don’t Need Another Heartache is another melodic beauty that carries you along on gentle waves that amply demonstrates the band’s outstanding musical talents. As you stroll through this fine album each track makes it more and more difficult to pick out favourites!

Track 6, Blame It On Your Lovin’ is a much darker, heavier number that takes things in a very different direction. A bass laden track that works so well.

They Only Come Out At Night continues with the darker theme initiated by the previous track. This goes to show the true versatility of Midnite City, morphing seamlessly from one style to another. This track was released and accompanied by a mini-horror movie music video (below)

The 8th track is Chance Of A Lifetime and keyboards and vocal choruses come to the fore here to great effect. The way this song develops musically is a true delight!

If It’s Over explores the melancholic side of the band’s repertoire. A sad, gentle number that gets deep into your soul. The lyrics are beautifully crafted and really pull at the heart strings.

Fall To Pieces lifts the mood somewhat with a return to the driving rhythm featured earlier on in the album. This is an instant Hair Metal classic

The album closes with Girls Of Tokyo (although this is shown as a Japanese Bonus Track on my review copy!) is another finely crafted melodic track that will get you singing along with the chorus!

In conclusion this is yet another excellent album from these highly talented musicians and deserves a place in any discerning record collectors library. It’s always tempting to compare a band with others to try to give an impression of what to expect, and to that end I would throw in the likes of the aforementioned Def Leppard but also a more recent band like VEGA. However, such comparisons would fail to do justice to what these guys have achieved with Itch You Can’t Scratch! This is going to be on auto repeat for quite some time for me!

Itch You Can’t Scratch  is released on 11th June 2021.

Words: Nick Luxford

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