Melodic minor and the ii chord?

Asked by: Jill Stiles

What chords are in melodic minor?

The Melodic Minor, on the other hand, includes all 4 triads. It has 2 major, 2 minor, 2 diminished, and 3 augmented triads. Notice the G augmented and B augmented. They are indeed triads of the C Melodic Minor Scale but don’t have the “proper” third and fifth scale degrees according to their mode.

What is the II chord?

In any major key, the ii chord is a minor triad or a minor seventh chord. The V chord is a major triad or a dominant seventh chord. So in the key of C, the ii–V is Dm–G or Dm7–G7.

What chords can you play melodic minor over?

It’s gonna go, E flat, F, G, A, B, C, D, E flat. Now, the chords you can play this over, is classic. It’s a chord that you really need to know, you really need to be able to play. That is the major 7 flat 5, or the major 7 sharp 11 chord.

Is the ii chord always minor?

When you create these chords (also called triads because each one is a 3-note chord) the kind of chord they are (major, minor, etc.) stays the same regardless of the key: the I chord is always major, the ii-chord is always minor, etc.

What is a II chord in minor?

In jazz, the ii is typically played as a minor 7th chord, and the I is typically played as a major 7th chord (though it can also be played as a major 6th chord).