Maximum interval between Alto & Tenor, & intervals when writing for SATB?

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octavethe octave. -between alto and soprano, maximum interval is the octave too.

How far apart can alto and soprano be?

26.6 Rules of Spacing
Generally, the upper three voice parts (soprano, alto, and tenor) are kept close together. The general rule of spacing is to keep the distance between soprano and alto as well as the distance between alto to tenor within an octave of each other.

What is the typical alto range?

The alto is the lowest type of female voice. The typical alto range lies between F3 to F5, though there are those who can sing above or below this range. Those who can sing below are often called “contralto’s” and can usually sing in a range similar to a tenor.

What is the maximum distance between the soprano and alto parts and the alto and tenor parts?

Spacing: keep the Soprano and Alto voices within the span of one octave and the same goes for the Alto and Tenor voices.

Is alto the highest vocal range?

In SATB four-part mixed chorus, the alto is the second highest vocal range, above the tenor and bass and below the soprano. The alto range in choral music is approximately from F3 (the F below middle C) to F5 (the second F above middle C).

Can altos sing high?

While most of them sing beautifully in the mid-range, altos can hit high notes with their head voice quite often.

Why is sopranos better than altos?

Soprano is the voice type for female singers who are more comfortable at singing higher notes and pitches, while alto is the voice type of singers who have stronger middle voices and lower notes. Soprano has a brighter sound quality compared to the darker alto sound.

Who is a true alto?

A true alto, in operatic singing, would be classed as a contralto. This very rare voice type is the lowest female voice. Their low notes are luscious and full of volume. Singers in this group can have an androgynous, distinctive sound.

Can a man sing alto?

A male alto is a man who sings in a special way called falsetto. In England male altos sing in church and cathedral choirs. In some countries like Germany it is tradition to have boy altos in cathedral choirs. These will probably be boys whose voices will soon be breaking and are starting to get lower.

What are good altos to sing?

Altos have some serious decisions for songs to sing for karaoke or auditions, here is a list of the best songs for altos to sing:

  1. At Last – Etta James. …
  2. Back to Black – Amy Winehouse. …
  3. Bad Romance – Lady Gaga. …
  4. Believe – Cher. …
  5. Chain of Fools – Aretha Franklin. …
  6. Don’t Dream It’s Over – Crowded House. …
  7. Dreams – Fleetwood Mac.

Are altos rare?

A true alto is rare, and many female altos can be classified as a mezzo-soprano. The term is also used in an instrumental context. Technically, the alto is the lowest voice in four-part harmony.

What is Ariana Grande’s vocal range?

4 octaves

How Many Octaves Can Ariana Sing? Ariana is one of the most popular vocal stars in the current pop music era that is known for her insane upper register. She has a killer range that spans 4 octaves. While she has great whistle tone notes, she is flexible in her lower range as well.

Is Adele alto?

While Adele might sing an alto part in a choir, “alto” is not a true vocal fach. The equivalent fach is a contralto, but Adele lacks the truly androgynous character and weight of one. Instead, she is a lyric mezzo-soprano, as her voice demonstrates the womanly character, weight, timbre, and tessitura of one.

What voice type is Billie Eilish?

Billie Eilish’s voice is roughly around the mezzo-soprano range. Using ‘COPYCAT’ as an example again, she does go right into the top soprano ranges very occasionally, but the song largely sits in that comfortable mezzo range during its chorus and the majority of the verses.

What voice type is Rihanna?

lyric contralto

What’s Rihanna’s Voice Type? Rihanna is a powerful alto singer that has a lot of richness to her tone and power behind her chest voice. Technically, she can be considered a lyric contralto since she has a very great low range with a light head voice that can also reach some great high notes.

What is Selena Gomez vocal range?

three-octave range

It’s more complicated than that; she is a skilled soprano with a three-octave range who chooses to sing in a flat, breathy monotone, as if clumsily attempting to sound sensual — or even parodying the conventions of sensual pop singing. Yet her gawkiness makes her sound like a real person: This could be you.

What voice type is Camila Cabello?


Primarily a pop singer, Cabello possesses a soprano vocal range. She grew up listening to artists such as Alejandro Fernández and Celia Cruz. Her debut studio album is a pop record, influenced by Latin music.

What is Katy Perry vocal range?

Katy Perry’s Vocal Range & Singing Voice
Katy Perry possesses a vocal range of D3 – A5 – G#6 (C#7) and Light-Lyric Soprano (3 notes 3 octaves and a semi-tone) voice type.