Logic Pro X Forward and Rewind only moves a 128th note in one project?

Asked by: Ian Naranjo

How do I move a note in Logic Pro X?

Move notes in finer increments

  1. In the Logic Pro Piano Roll Editor, select the notes.
  2. Begin to drag the notes.
  3. Press and hold Control and continue dragging the note to the desired position. The drag resolution depends on the current Snap value and zoom level (see Snap to grid in the Piano Roll Editor in Logic Pro).

How do you fast forward in Logic Pro?

What you can do is hold shift and then use the period and comma keys or the sideways arrow keys.

How do you go frame by frame in logic?

1) use the nudge by SMPTE frame key commands. There are two, one to shift left, the other to shift right. If you do a search for “frame” in the key commands window you’ll see them both.

How do you go forward in logic?

Press the forward slash. Type in your position. Press ENTER and to move forward or to rewinds you press the full stop or comma key. And that's it for today.

How do you use piano roll in logic?

The way one of the ways you can open up the piano roll editor is you can click on an existing MIDI region. And you can just double click on it actually and it'll open up in the piano roll editor.

How do you automate varispeed in logic?

In Logic Pro, click the Varispeed button in the control bar. Note: If you don’t see the Varispeed button in the control bar, Control-click the control bar, choose Customize Control Bar and Display from the shortcut menu, choose Custom from the LCD pop-up menu, then select the Varispeed checkbox.

What is a locator Logic Pro?

So the locators you may remember are two points you can define in the ruler in the timeline of your logic. Project. So here I have a left and a right locator. And you can have them in cycle mode.

What does command f do in logic?

Key commands for Global Commands in Logic Pro

Function Key command
Enter/Exit Full Screen Control-Command-F
Open Movie Option-Command-O
Toggle Current Track Automation Off/Read Control-Command-O
Toggle Current Track Automation Latch/Read Control-Command-A

What does Z do in logic?

Most people know the basic zoom shortcuts in logic command up and down zooms vertically. And command left and right zooms horizontally. But there's another zoom shortcut that I really love and it's

How do you jump between markers in Logic Pro?

Move to the next or previous marker

In Logic Pro, use the Go to Previous Marker and Go to Next Marker key commands.

How do you arm all tracks in logic?

1) Group all the tracks and make sure to check the ‘Record” option in group settings. Arming one track in the group will arm all of them. Thank You!

How do you arm multiple tracks?

You can actually change this in Ableton preferences under the record warp Launch tab. And I can turn off exclusive arm and this enabled we need to just click to our multiple tracks.

How do you record more than one track at a time in logic?

Record to multiple audio tracks simultaneously

  1. Choose Record > Overlapping Audio Recordings > Cycle > Create Tracks and Mute.
  2. Choose Preferences > Recording, then choose Create Tracks and Mute from the Overlapping Recordings “Cycle On” pop-up menu.

How do I make a group track in logic?

Group you can select them all and go to create track stack you will have to right click there and then you will choose the summing stack.

What does grouping do logic?

Group editing allows you to perform many editing, arrangement and timing operations on all group member tracks simultaneously. For example, you can combine the comping feature with group editing so that every comp uses the same takes.

What is the difference between a folder stack and a summing stack?

Essentially, Folder stacks are useful for organization (like a more sophisticated and user-friendly version of Logic Pro’s track folders). Summing stacks, on the other hand, are more full-featured, and combine the conveinence of using a single track with the flexibility of having multiple tracks.