Keyboard shortcut for selecting a whole chord in Sibelius?

Asked by: Kris Pressley

Ctrl-Shift-A on PC. Incidentally this also selects all similar objects attached to a particular stave.

How do you select things in Sibelius?

Once one is in the score with something selected, one can easily select notes or bars without using the mouse:

  1. To select to the right by note, simply use the shortcut: Shift-right arrow. …
  2. To select by bar, simply add Ctrl or Command to Shift+left or right arrow, as Ctrl or Command is the modifier for “more”.

What is the shortcut key to repeat a selection in Sibelius?

Sibelius Shortcuts

Unload cursor (always do this before clicking anything) Escape
Copy CTRL & C
Paste CTRL & V
Repeat selection R
Add a bar CTRL & B

How do you use shortcuts on Sibelius?

Ctrl (X) + A select all Ctrl (X) + B add a bar to the end of score Ctrl (X) + C copy to clipboard Ctrl (X) + E add a dynamic to a selected note Ctrl (X) + K add chord symbol above a selected note Ctrl (X) + L add lyrics to a selected note Ctrl (X) + N start a new score Ctrl (X) + O open an existing score Ctrl (X) + P

How do you add chord symbols in Sibelius?

And now need to add the chords indicated by the chord symbols ctrl + K adds a chord symbol.

How do you select an entire part in Sibelius?

There are lots of quick ways to select bars in Sibelius: click in a blank bit of staff to select that bar in that staff, double-click to select to the end of the system, and triple-click to select the staff throughout the score; hold Shift and you can extend the selection across a range of staves, or hold Ctrl (Windows

How do I stack notes in Sibelius?

You should be able to enter music for the upper voice normally, then press the button labeled “2” to select the second voice and enter the music for the lower voice. The durations of the two voices will be completely separate, allowing for “overlapping” notes.

How do you tie in Sibelius?

Entering Ties in Sibelius

  1. enter the left note of the tie.
  2. click the Enter Key on the first Keypad layout. Do not select the tie before you enter the note as it will be assigned to the last note entered.

How do I add Tenuto to Sibelius?

Note change to an eighth note add the tenuto marking. And now uncheck the tenuto marking change to a dotted quarter note and enter the b in bar 21.. You could continue entering all of the notation.

How do I make notes flat in Sibelius?

Yes, select all the E notes, then flatten them by a semi-tone (Shift-PgDn). The accidentals will look after themselves, you do not need to enter any.

How do you copy chords in Sibelius?

Triple click the staff, go to Home tab -> Filter -> Chord symbols, copy, triple click the other staff and paste. Thanks – That worked well!

How do you isolate parts in Sibelius?

As we start opening parts you'll notice that sibelius creates a tab for each one of them. Click on a tab to view a part and drag the tabs in any order you like.

How do you select multiple bars?

So you can click the next note another way you can do it is to hold shift. And then press the right arrow. Key so shift and right arrow will select the next note to the right.

How do I see individual parts in Sibelius?

Right mouse-click on Full Score tab will show the individual instrument tabs. Select to bring them back.

How do you combine parts in Sibelius?

In Sibelius 7:

  1. Go to the Parts Tab.
  2. Click the “+” plus sign on the right end of the Ribbon to select and open Violin 1.
  3. With Violin 1 open, the “Staves In Part” button becomes visible in the Setup Group of the Parts Tab.
  4. Click on the button, and the Staves in Part dialog will open.

How do you write piano parts in Sibelius?

First select all of the bars with command a or ctrl a then type shift command N or shift ctrl n. Now all the notes are justified horizontally.

How do you show instrument names in Sibelius?

And click inspector or shift command. I from here you have this little dialog. We are just going to. Check or tick the little box titled. Section N and voila.

How do you edit Instruments in Sibelius?

To do this:

  1. Select the portion of the staff you want to change to a different instrument (or triple-click the staff to select the staff for the entire piece)
  2. Go to Home > Instruments > Change.
  3. Select your new instrument from the Instrument Change dialog, and click OK.

How do you name staff in Sibelius?

Go to House Style>Engraving Rules. Under “Instruments” you find how you want instrument names to appear in the score. Make “subsequently” show “short” names – and edit them as you edited the full names.