Is there something unique about the interval at the beginning of West Side Story’s Jet Song (because I can never sing it from memory)?

Asked by: Jamie Robinson

What interval is somewhere West Side Story?

West Side Story is one of the world’s most famous musicals. It’s packed with great tunes and catchy rhythms, but there’s an interval with a dark history at its heart. Leonard Bernstein’s West Side Story is based on and built around music’s most unsettling interval, the ‘Devil’s Interval‘.

How was the tritone used in the musical West Side Story?

In West Side Story, composer Leonard Bernstein uses the common interval of the tritone throughout the entire score to represent the various forms of conflict in the drama that need resolution: the rival gangs, the forbidden love and the conflicted heart, the family schisms, etc.

Did the actors do their own singing in West Side Story?

Several songs in Steven Spielberg’s West Side Story (2021) are performed live by the cast, with certain attributes making it clear that the powerful singing is not prerecorded.

Does the new West Side Story have the same songs?

It’s the same as “I Feel Pretty” — you can move it around because it doesn’t already have an integral place in the story. JM: The movie also adds “La Borinqueña,” the Puerto Rican anthem, sung by the Sharks, to the set of songs at the beginning.

Is West Side Story different from original?

The 1961 film is kinda (in)famous for casting white American actors as Puerto Rican characters — particularly in the leading roles of Maria and Bernardo — and using brown makeup to make them look more tan. For the 2021 version, Spielberg announced that the Sharks would all be played by Latinx actors.