Is there an advantage to medium gauge over light if I’m not adding tension?

Asked by: Jason Soprano

Should I use medium gauge strings?

If most of your playing involves hard strumming, medium-gauge strings will likely be a better choice, though they may prove a little more challenging to new players’ fingers. If your playing is a mix of strumming and fingerpicking, a light-medium string set may be a good choice.

Do medium strings sound better than light?

Okay so this guitar definitely likes medium strings better. Interesting. Yeah I'll tell you this definitely what's happening under my hands. Big difference right which is to be expected for sure but

Do lighter gauge strings have less tension?

Lighter gauge strings are easier to play since they hold less tension, require less pressure to fret, produce less friction against the fingers, and offer less resistance to bending and vibrato. However, seasoned players may find them loose, flimsy and easier to break, making them “harder” to play.

Are light gauge strings better?

In short, light gauge guitar strings are fundamentally easier to play than heavy gauge strings. And so if you are looking to hit big, Albert King style string bends and play with a fast B.B. King style trilling vibrato, then lighter string gauges could make a great choice.

Will medium strings damage my guitar?

Some mention that their luthiers state that medium gauge strings most certainly will damage the guitar while others say that there will be no difference between light and mediums. If your guitar is a 1905 000-28, you can bet the life would be shortened with medium steel strings tuned to pitch.

Are thinner guitar strings easier to play?

Thinner strings are easier to bend on an electric, but they tend to sound brighter, and they are also susceptible to breaking easier. Thicker strings will put more tension on your guitar’s neck due to the extra tension needed to bring the thicker material up to pitch.

What is the difference between light medium and heavy guitar strings?

Simply, light strings have slightly less tension than mediums, and heavy strings have slightly more tension. Specifically, the strings have more or less mass, to require a few pounds more or less tension to create the specific pitch desired, which makes the strings feel “tighter” or “looser.”

Are heavy gauge strings better?

Heavier gauge strings naturally have more tension in them when they are tuned to pitch. This means greater effort is required to play them in the form of fretting and bending, but it’s not just the player that feels the extra strain, the guitar is affected by the heavier gauge too.

What are extra light guitar strings good for?

The short answer is that lighter gauge strings will be easier to play and easier to get clear tone when you fret the notes. Most beginners and even many seasoned guitarist prefer lighter gauge strings.

Do lighter gauge strings go out of tune easier?

Lighter and thinner strings are easier to play but can go out of tune faster and break easily.

What gauge strings did Eddie Van Halen use?

This ended up not working very well, so instead Eddie Van Halen changed to a regular set of strings. He used Fender Heavy Strings to begin with, later on changing to Fender 150XL gauge strings.

What are medium gauge strings?

Medium: Medium-gauge strings start at .013 on an acoustic guitar and .011 on an electric guitar. They’re popular in blues and rock, and they provide a substantial tone while still allowing for some degree of string bending.

What is the best gauge for acoustic guitar strings?

12 gauge

Most acoustic guitars will come standard with 12 gauge strings. While 12’s are a great choice, you always have the option to go with a heavier string like 13’s or a lighter string such as 11’s.

Can heavy gauge strings damage a guitar?

We recommend using only extra light through medium gauge strings on our guitars. Heavy strings can cause too much tension on the top which may cause irreversible damage.

Are silk and steel strings easier to play?

Silk and steel strings are a great option for beginners because they are softer on the fingers. You will get less finger soreness playing silk and steel than you would playing 80/20 bronze strings (somewhere in between nylon and 80/20 bronze).

What guitar strings are easiest to bend?

046, which isn’t “un-bendable,” but for a string to be specifically easy to bend, we’d like to go . 042 or lower. These string sets are easier to play on electric guitars and will produce a thinner, more treble-friendly tone.

How do I make my guitar strings easier to press?

You can add more tension by laying the strings. And lay the strings down a little bit more by turning the truss rod to the right or you can loosen it if you get a lot of fret buzz uh up around.