Is there a humane (relatively painless) way to make a midi file sound half-way decent?

Asked by: Richard Marler

How do you make MIDI notes sound real?

You can do it down here by going to note velocity. You can start manipulating things and grabbing notes. And moving them this way. Yeah that's one way of doing. It.

How can I make a MIDI file sound better?

So it sounds a little bit louder. Because we've played so beautifully originally. Into the MIDI recording. I just want to boost up the levels a little bit before we add in some.

How can I make MIDI more realistic?

Banish robotic keyboard melodies in your DAW piano roll with these 7 tips on how to make digital piano sound realistic.

  1. Choose a good piano sound. …
  2. Shift the timing. …
  3. Play your MIDI keyboard like a real keyboard. …
  4. Reverb is your friend. …
  5. Use sustain. …
  6. Velocity advice. …
  7. Beware of quantising.

How can I make my MIDI sound less robotic?

Exactly on the dot of every single metronome click and it also changes the velocity of each and every single one of your hits. So that it doesn't sound like the robot.

How do you make MIDI brass sound real?

Step two is to figure out the size of your brass section do you want solo brass or a huge ensemble you know do you want a single trumpet. And a single saxophone in the song.

How do you make a piano sound cleaner?

So that you can actually set these things all by themselves and under strike I'm just using a logic channel EQ to cut away the low frequencies to make a bit more room for the kick and bass.

How do you make MIDI chords sound good?

I'm just giving a sense of do I want to go lower or higher. So this is going low then up up to the G. Down to the key E which is E flat on the keyboard.

How do I make my keyboard sound like a piano?

And you get these sounds here do you want to learn to play the keyboard with chords.

Do producers use MIDI?

MIDI Versus Digital Audio

Many audio producers use MIDI because of the versatility it offers them in production. For example, an audio producer has the ability to edit sequences and it also offers more flexibility than direct digital audio.

How do you make Vsts sound more realistic?

It all right so the next technique is going to be to introduce some actual elements of how a piano player would actually play things it's very rare to just have a when you're playing keys to just do

Can MIDI sound good?

For instruments that don’t have too much individual-note shaped articulation such as Piano, Organ, Oboe, etc., midi usually sounds really good without too much fiddling around.

Why does my music sound robotic?

Poor network performance, lack of memory or high CPU usage often causes the audio quality to drop, become delayed or sound robotic. Try closing all applications you aren’t using to free up some bandwidth.

Why does my autotune sound so robotic?

Autotune sounds robotic because it is a software algorithm that artificially changes the pitch of a note very quickly. This is not something a human can do, therefore it sounds unnatural. Autotune can be configured to sound less robotic, particularly by using a slower re-tune speed.

Can MIDI drums sound like real drums?

Say. Yeah so you can hear that that drum. Sounds quite good a native in Smith's makes very good drum samples really like their sessions drummer.

How do you EQ MIDI drums?

Very MIDI very warm additionally that graphic EQ. That I use from the pedal board and this is the only plug-in I'm actually using in the chain. Getting some of those human highs out of the mix.