Is my nut pocket cut uneven?

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How do I know if my nut slot is too low?

To check nut-slot height, hold the string down at the third fret, and see how much it moves over the first fret. This is similar to checking neck relief, but the string should move much less. If the string doesn’t move at all, chances are the slot is too low.

How do I know if my nut slot is too high?

The effect of nut slots that are too high

This is where the string isn’t able to clear the first fret and rattles against it, creating a string buzz similar to a sitar.

How do I fix my nut slot too deep?

Nut Slot Filed Too Deep: How To Fix It

  1. Mask The Repair Area. There’s no need to take all the strings off, and the nut can stay in place. …
  2. Fill The String Slots. The best filler for a bone nut is the sanding powder from the same or similar nut mixed with CA (Superglue) glue. …
  3. One More Time. …
  4. Sanding. …
  5. Cut the New String Slot.

Should a guitar nut be level?

So if our slots are too deep you might get a dull sonic guitar or you might get that kind of little ping sound when you're tuning. Because the strings get stuck. And it causes them to go out of tune.

How deep should a nut slot be?

The slots should be only deep enough so 1/3 of the string is above the top of the nut and 2/3 in the nut.

How do I check my action at nut?

Alone if you place the gauge on top of the fret. And slide it between the string and the fret. And this it contacts the string and fret heavily.

How high should nut strings sit?

The top of the nut is shaped to follow the radius of the fretboard, and the string slots also follow this curve. To allow the strings to clear the top of the first fret, the bottoms of the slots should be . 030″ higher than the fret height.

Does nut affect tuning?

Can a guitar nut affect your performance? In short, the guitar nut is a critical component for getting the best tone and resonance out of your guitar. If your guitar makes a pinging sound when tuning, rattles, string prematurely breaks can all be signs of Nut that requires servicing.

How do you level a guitar nut?

And putting the string height to the right level is actually putting in these slots evenly. So this will make your job a lot easier if you choose to do it yourself.

How tight should a guitar nut be?

A Good Tight Nut Fit

In the same way that soft plastic nuts can soak up vibration, a badly fitted nut can also kill your tone. You’re looking for a solid, even contact along the bottom of the nut and along the front surface (that butts against the fingerboard).

Can a nut slot be too wide?

A too-wide nut slot is not necessarily all that bad.

The strings may still bear at the front edge, be supported along the entire slot, be at the right height and spaced evenly. If your nut has deep grooves that are too wide, and the whole thing looks messy, don’t fret.

How do you widen a nut slot on a guitar?

File. So if on this guitar what i would do to do that is i would loosen my string. Take it out of the slot. And then i'm going to hold my file at a bit of an angle.

How do I know if I need a new guitar nut?

This is what you do you push down a string between the second and third fret. And then you check the distance. Between. The bottom of the string and the first fret. There's a bit of a movement.

When should I replace my guitar nut?

Why & When Should You Replace or Adjust the Nut?

  1. The nut is too high.
  2. The nut is too low (the string grooves are too deep)
  3. The string grooves in the nut are too wide.
  4. The nut is broken.
  5. The guitar doesn’t sound so good anymore (often a plastic nut)

How do I know if my guitar nut is bad?

Nut slots should hold a guitar string firmly in place without ‘pinching’ it. If the slot is too narrow it can cause tuning problems. If it’s too big it can cause open strings to buzz.

How long do guitar nuts last?

Every 3 – 5 Years

Certain screws and nuts on your guitar can work their way loose over time, so you’ll want to check and tighten them, if necessary.