Is it possible to use a vocoder to imitate another singer?

Asked by: Carly Brown

It will likely be possible to synthesize any voice singing any words/melody at some point in the near future, much like the deepfake videos, but it’s a non-trivial problem and likely to come after the comparatively simpler but still under-development being able to do natural-sounding speech synthesis from an existing …

How do you mimic a singer?

The way that this young singer was creating that sound is that she would go aha. She would try to push up to try to get that sound over it over again to get that really.

Is vocoder the same as Autotune?

In basic terms, what is the difference between a vocoder and Auto-Tune? Auto-Tune and vocoders are completely different animals, although both can be used creatively to impart an artificial, synthetic timbre to a singer’s voice.

What can you do with a vocoder?

A vocoder is an audio effect that lets you impose the dynamics and changing spectral content of one sound (the modulator) onto another (the carrier). The modulator is usually the human voice, speaking or singing, while the carrier is usually a bright synthesizer.

Do you talk or sing into a vocoder?

“The most straightforward way that you can use a vocoder is to make your synthesizer ‘talk’ or ‘sing’ specific lyrics or phrases,” says Goldner. Making this sort of effect is pretty simple — hold down the note or notes on the keyboard that you want to sound and then talk or sing, rap, or whisper into the microphone.

Can I make my voice sound like someone else?

Then you can select the audio track and go to the property panels on the left to choose the voice changer. Here have five different voice styles provided. Man woman child robot and transformers.

How do you sound like another singer?

Natural. That's kind of sounds like a real person not gonna lie so basically just record maybe like 2 semitones over and then pitch it down.

Does Justin Bieber use Auto-Tune?

The singer told Q: “I don’t use Auto-Tune. They tune my vocals – they use Melodyne. But every artist uses Melodyne. Not every artist, but 99% of artists.

Is a talk box a vocoder?

The vocoder essentially makes the human voice sound like an instrument by deconstructing and reconstructing it electronically, while the talk box makes an instrument sound like the human voice by directing a note through a tube and into the singer’s mouth. The mouth then acts as a sound chamber.

Who uses the most Auto-Tune?

Top 10 Artists Who Heavily Use Auto Tune

  • #8: Bon Iver. …
  • #7: Travis Scott. …
  • #6: Kesha. …
  • #5: Future. …
  • #4: Daft Punk. …
  • #3: Lil Wayne. …
  • #2: Kanye West. …
  • #1: T-Pain. Dubbed the king of Auto-Tune, R&B singer and rapper T-Pain inspired many pop artists to meddle with vocal synthesizers.

What happens if you sing into a talkbox?

Place the end of the tube between your teeth so that the sound resonates into your mouth and takes on the characteristics of different vowels and consonants, words and phrases. Finally, the resulting sound is picked up by your vocal mic, just as if you were singing normally, with your own vocal cords.

Can any synth be a vocoder?

Not every synth, not even a nice one like the OB-6, has a vocoder. There are some very cheap synths, like microKorgs, that include vocoders.

What does a vocoder do to a sound?

A vocoder analyzes and transfers the sonic character of the audio signal arriving at its analysis input to synthesizer sound generators. The result of this process is heard at the output of the vocoder. The classic vocoder sound uses speech as the analysis signal and a synthesizer sound as the synthesis signal.

How do you Vocode vocals?

If that's not open for you go ahead and press f9 on your keyboard. And that will bring up the mixer window.

What vocoder sounds like?

It is used to combine the tonal qualities of one sound source color carrier with the frequency specific movements of a second signal called a modulator.

How do you Vocode a song on audacity?

In the upper track (voice), open the Audio Track Dropdown Menu and choose “Make Stereo Track”. Select the stereo track and apply Vocoder with “output choice” set to “both channels”. You now have a “dual mono” track where the same content is in left and right channels of the stereo track.

How do I sound like a robot in audacity?

So what we're going to do is we're going to select the bottom track. And we're going to go ahead and pick effect. And you want to pick echo.

How do you autotune in audacity?

It you might need to click it and enable down here to get it to show up in your effect menu when you go into the effect menu there it is grail onto let's see how it. Works.