Is it possible to play an electric ukulele slap-bass-style?

Asked by: Vijay Nutalapati

The video @Aaron added shows it is possible to get percussive slap sounds out of a ukelele. If you are not hearing it well it’s possible that the pickup technology used on your uke is not good at picking up the percussive sounds made from slapping the strings against the fingerboard.

Can you slap Ubass?

And pulling or popping the other strings with your index finger for a snapback. Sound. Playing this style really brings out the percussive elements of the bass. And is extremely popular.

Can any bass be a slap bass?

In general, you can slap any bass guitar. However, not all basses produce the type of sound associated with slap bass. Having high action on your bass will make slapping more difficult and produce a less desirable sound. Slapping also becomes more difficult on basses with strings that are old or too thick.

How do you play slap electric bass?

The technique is performed by putting the end of the finger slightly under the string and then pulling it upwards and away, allowing the string to snap back against the fretboard, thus producing the popping sound. A combination of arm and wrist rotation is used to achieve this technique.

Is it hard to play slap bass?

Slapping can be really tough for beginner bass players that want to imitate their heroes like Flea, Marcus Miller or Mark King but some of the issues are easily fixed with some simple tips.

Who is the best slap bass player?

Mark King. The guy who put the slap in pop during the 80s, Mark King did it all while fronting Level 42.

Is P Bass good for slapping?

Slapping sounds great on a P bass – it’s thicker and fatter than on a J or Musicman. However, it’s probably not what you’re used to hearing. You might like the sound or you might hate it, but either way, its character comes from where the pickup is placed.

Can you slap a guitar like a bass?

And what I like to do is a general rule for guitar is to go ahead and slap with the thumb the first six notes is little low strings. And I will pluck the next. Six. So if I'm doing that scale I'd be.

Who invented slap bass?

Larry Graham

Larry Graham is generally credited as inventing slap bass guitar. Graham has said that he was simply trying to create a drum-like sound to flesh out the rhythm in the then drummerless Family Stone.

Do you need high action for slap bass?

low action. because if you’re slapping, chances are you’re popping as well, and doing that with high action is not pretty. take my bass for example. great for fingerstyle, but the action just makes popping a real strain.

What makes a bass good for slap?

A great slap bass tone should sound “crisp” “round” and “aggressive.” This tone is achieved with the low-end and high-end frequencies boosted and the mid frequencies ‘scooped’ (kept low). This way, it’ll sound “aggressive” and “piercing” with enough bass to pronounce the pop and slap tones.

Is slap hard to learn?

Slap bass isn’t too difficult, but I would recommend starting slap bass on a 4 string bass instead of a 6 string. Do you have to have slap strings to play slap bass, or do they just sound better? Yes. Slap bass is a technique that requires you to slap the strings.

How do you practice slap bass?

Pretty simple so we got thumb pluck thumb pluckley just alternating it doesn't matter what note you're starting on but we just happen to be starting on G so we got down.

Who invented slapping?

On the bass guitar, the technique is widely credited to Larry Graham, an electric bassist playing with Sly and the Family Stone in the late 1960s. The technique quickly spread to the funk and disco genres.

Who is the world’s greatest bass player?

Rolling Stone Readers Pick the Top Ten Bassists of All Time

  1. John Entwistle. The clear winner in our poll was John Entwistle of The Who.
  2. Flea. …
  3. Paul McCartney. …
  4. Geddy Lee. …
  5. Les Claypool. …
  6. John Paul Jones. …
  7. Jaco Pastorius. …
  8. Jack Bruce. …

Who is Drakes uncle?

Larry Graham Jr.

Larry Graham Jr.

In 1993, he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of the Sly and the Family Stone. He is also the uncle of rapper Drake.

Is Drake’s mom disabled?

2. Drake’s mother Sandi Sher and father Dennis Graham divorced when he was five. He lived with his mother, who was on disability due to rheumatoid arthritis, in several apartments in Toronto before settling into the bottom half of a townhouse in the city’s tony Forest Hill neighbourhood.

Is Sly Stone still alive?

Born in Texas and raised in the Bay Area of Northern California, Stone mastered several instruments at an early age and performed gospel music as a child with his siblings (and future bandmates) Freddie and Rose.

Sly Stone
Years active 1952–present
Labels Epic Records, Warner Bros., Cleopatra

Who played bass on Thriller?

Louis Johnson

Louis Johnson (April 13, 1955 – May 21, 2015) was an American bass guitarist. Johnson was best known for his work with the group the Brothers Johnson and his session playing on several hit albums of the 1970s and 1980s, including the best-selling album of all time, Michael Jackson’s Thriller.

How old would Michael Jackson be today?

Michael Jackson’s exact age would be 63 years 10 months 17 days old if alive. Total 23,332 days.