Is it a bad idea to learn both violin and viola?

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Can you play both violin and viola?

It’s good to be able to play both. Certainly it gives you a lot more opportunities – if you play violin you might get into local orchestras, but if you play viola they’ll welcome you with open arms, if they’re not openly begging you to come.

Should I learn violin or viola first?

The viola is easier to learn for a beginner; if you can play the violin, you can also play the viola. There is far less competition with the viola, making it much easier to get a spot in an orchestra.

Is it better to play viola or violin?

In both cases, it’s the lower, more resonant sound profile that appeals to most violists. If you, too, prefer lower, richer and more resonant sounds – and aren’t drawn to play cello or bass – the viola may be the just right string instrument for you.

Is violin harder to learn than viola?

Contrary to popular belief, playing the viola is actually harder than playing the violin.

Can a violinist teach viola?

As a violinist, I taught a viola player for two years some time ago. Reading the alto clef isn’t too bad – you soon pick it up – and I had additional reading practice when I helped out with a young people’s orchestra where they needed a viola player.

Can a violin teacher teach viola?

Replies (10) Edited: November 23, 2017, 12:14 AM · That would be a double standard for the ages, since many violin teachers teach viola too.

What is the hardest string instrument to play?

The Cello. The cello is first on this list because it is the most difficult string instrument to play. The cello is a larger, deeper-sounding instrument than the violin. It is played with a bow and has four strings.

Is viola louder than violin?

Viola vs Violin: Which is Louder? Even though the violin is smaller than the viola, it is louder. Coupled with its higher range, this makes it possible to sing out over the accompaniment of other instruments and be heard quite clearly in an orchestral setting and in chamber music.

Is viola worth learning?

Fortunately, almost everyone can agree that viola, as a string instrument, is said to be one of the best instruments to start from as it molds a beginner mentally and emotionally.

What do you call a person who plays the viola?

violist 1. / (vɪˈəʊlɪst) / noun. US a person who plays the viola.

Is it easy to switch from violin to viola?

Natural that's what it is on the viola. So that'll work with any note whether it's a or B or C. So it's if it's a on trouble it's B in alto if it's C in trouble it's d and out so so it's that easy.

How long does it take to master the viola?

So how long does it actually take, to sound good on the violin or viola? As a teacher, I would say that most students take around three to five years to start sounding good and probably 10 years to sound like a completely fluent player.

How hard is learning viola?

Things to Know Before Playing Viola

Some people think that it’s the same as playing violins when in fact it’s not. The weight, bow pressure, and size of violas make them even harder to learn. As a result, violists kind of develop muscly hands and fingers due to hours, days, and weeks of practicing the instrument.

Can I teach myself viola?

One of the most common ways to learn viola is by finding a private viola teacher. However, there are some issues many face when reaching out and finding a private viola teacher. For one, being a beginner it is tough to sift through the mix and find a private teacher who actually knows what they are talking about.

What age should you start viola?

Many teachers recommend that the best age to start viola lessons is around age 5 or 6. What is the best age to start viola lessons? The viola is a beautiful instrument that is slightly warmer and mellower in tone than its smaller cousin, the violin.

How do you play C on viola?

So where is this is C sharp right. This is C natural I'll play that for you if this is C sharp. This is C natural. And we want to start on that low to four 130.

Can you learn viola as an adult?

Learning as an adult

It’s never too late to start.

What age is too late to learn violin?

As a violin teacher, one question I get very often is “Am I too old to learn the violin!?” A short answer is: yes, of course, you can learn the violin as an adult!

Is 40 too old to learn violin?

Anyone can learn to play the violin, at any age. Mastering a new skill, regardless of what it is, always involves desire, discipline and determination; and learning violin is no different. Your age does have a factor in how quickly you’ll be able to adapt to the instrument.