In a Rock/Blues band who dictates the groove?

Asked by: Kerri Johnston

What is drumming behind the beat?

Playing ahead of the beat means hitting the notes for the beat a liiiiittle bit early. Playing behind means a liiiittle late. Only by a couple microseconds, just to make the groove groovier. Usually drummers and bass players do this to make you feel sort of a “longing”.

What does singing behind the beat mean?

Maybe you’ve heard of someone playing behind a beat. You’ve probably also heard about someone playing ahead of a beat, or rushing. Essentially, this refers to the tempo and timing of a piece that one is playing. Additionally, it’s about playing with a band or a metronome and not being in sync with the set tempo.

How do I learn to play behind the beat?

In a dog insta-click you'll go oh. Man. The second note is always a little on top or the my first note is rushing every time you'll see that and then you'll sort of start to be able to go.

How do you play behind the beat bass?

You're directly on the beat. He said you lean one side and you sort of like go behind the beat and then you lean the other side. And you sit in front of the beat.

How do you stop playing ahead of the beat?

So my suggestions to you are, essentially:

  1. Memorize material.
  2. Focus on locking with material while you practice.
  3. Breathe and relax.
  4. Take your time.
  5. Play with a band or other musicians as much as possible!

What is pushing the beat?

‘Push’ means driving the beat forwards, ahead of the rest of the band or track elements, making the whole thing sound faster and more frenetic. ‘Pull’ refers to exerting the opposite influence, delaying every stroke slightly in order to create a more laid back feel.

How do singers stay on beat?

These bars consist of a number of beats the number of beats in each bar can be two three four or six for example the way to count the beats is determined by how many beats are in each bar.

Does Willie Nelson sing behind the beat?

“He didn’t worry about behind the beat or in front of the beat, or whatever – he could sing it either way, and that’s the feel you have to have.” The love between Nelson and Sinatra was mutual.

How do you play bass in the pocket?

Note see so so that's just a simple quarter note pattern with the click but staying on it is a bit of a challenge sometimes because you got to really listen and just lock it into that groove.

What is a pocket groove?

Musicians who play funk and Latin tunes refer to the groove as the sense of being “in the pocket,” while jazz players refer to the groove as the sense that a song is really “cooking” or “swinging.”

What does it mean when a guitarist has a pocket?

“Generally, the pocket is the perfect synchronicity of the bass drum and the bass guitar. When applied to an entire band, it’s about everyone playing in perfect time, with attitude.” Les has played with Nile Rodgers, Dr. Dre and The Bus Boys, to name a few. He lives the pocket.

What does it mean when a guitarist is in the pocket?

In short, being in-the-pocket really means being in tempo and following the groove of the instrumentation with which you’re performing. Being in-the-pocket and playing in tempo are very similar concepts.

What creates grooves?

In jazz, it can be felt as a quality of persistently repeated rhythmic units, created by the interaction of the music played by a band’s rhythm section (e.g. drums, electric bass or double bass, guitar, and keyboards).

How do you find the pocket of a beat?

When playing, try to be slightly late on purpose. Concentrate on the drums, specifically kick drum and the snare and try to find the pocket. Play just slightly after the kick drum to find your place in the beat and get into the pocket.