How to use diminished scale over I IV V changes in blues?

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You do this substitution by simply playing the B diminished scale (whole-half) over the Bb7 chord in bar 6. In this way you create tension which resolves to the F7 chord in bar 7 (Bdim7 resolves to F7/C). This substitution (Bdim7 for Bb7 in bar 6) is commonly done in a jazz-blues.

How do you use the diminished scale in blues?

Starts on the second fret of the fifth string and goes like. This. So it's leading us into that even just playing the line you could hear the changes. And there we are on the four chord or your c7.

How do you use diminished chords in a blues progression?

Another good use for diminished chords in blues and jazz is to follow the IV chord with the #IVdim7 on the way up to V or I. In C, you can play F7, then F#dim7, then either G7 or C/G. I mentally refer to this riff the “gospel lift.” Use it in bar six of the twelve bar blues and feel the spirit.

What chord can you play diminished scale over?

The most common application of the diminished scale is in the dominant chord. It can be played a semitone above the dominant chord in question.

What scales to use over blues?

The scales used most often for soloing in blues-influenced music are minor and major pentatonic. As its name implies, a pentatonic scale consists of five tones, as penta means ‘five’ and tonic means ‘tone’.

How do you practice diminished scales?

Two so now what we're going to do is we're just going to mix up the shape of the track a little bit we're gonna skip up and out and then come back. Down. Alright so now we're gonna do the arpeggio.

How do you improvise with the diminished scale?

So here now we go with alter dominant and diminished chord runs and how to apply them in your improvisation. I want to start out by saying this is step one and I'm calling a diminished scale run.

What is the rule for building a diminished chord?

Diminished Chords

This time the rule is 1-3-flat 5. Just like the Major, Minor and Augmented chords, you can refer back to your scales and Intervals to help work out the actual notes. For starters, let’s look at the C Diminished chord. Remember, the rule is 1-flat 3-flat 5 so that would be C, Eb and Gb.

Where do you put diminished chords?

How to use a diminished chord in the same way that these songs do:

  1. In a major key, identify your vi chord (the minor chord six scale degrees above your tonic note)
  2. Build a diminished triad or 7th chord a half step below you iv chord.
  3. Resolve to your vi chord.

How do you practice diminished chords?

Get inverted there. So I just like to call these but their roots. The lowest notes just as a way to kind of keep things organized.

What key is best for blues?

Blues guitar keys

The two most common keys in blues music are E and A. There are others, but these two keys are the most common.

How do you solo over blues chord changes?

The easiest way to approach a blues solo is to use the minor pentatonic scale of the key for all the chords. So, in the key of A, we’re going to play the A minor pentatonic scale. This is a simple and safe way to create some nice melodies, but eventually, it will become boring!

What scales do blues guitarists use?

As its name implies, the Mixolydian/blues hybrid scale is created by superimposing the blues scale (1-b3-4-b5-5-b7) over the Mixolydian mode (1-2-3-4-5-6-b7).

What is the formula for the blues scale?

Learning the major blues scale formula

This means the new formula for the major blues scale will be 1 – 2 – b3 – 3 – 5 – 6. In the key of C, we spell this C – D – Eb – E – G – A. The blue note in this major scale is E flat.

How do you use Mixolydian in blues?

So we're gonna start with a full finger here on the seventh fret on the a-string. Come here on the sharp which is on the D string 4 fret. Ok so we do fifth sixth major six then to your root.

What mode is the blues scale?

One heptatonic, or seven-note, conception of the blues scale is as a diatonic scale (a major scale) with lowered third, fifth, and seventh degrees, which is equivalent to the dorian ♭5 scale, the second mode of the harmonic major scale.

How do you use modes in blues?

Played in its first position right here and E. Now from that minor pentatonic scale I can extract some notes to build a chord and the cool thing is that I can find within that minor pentatonic scale.

How do you use the blues scale to improvise?

We begin on the note C. And then we go up 3 semitones 1 2 3 two semitones one two one one three and then finally two semitones taking us back to the note C.