How to practice the overblow?

Asked by: Priscilla Hill

In order to play good sustained overblows you have to have good controll of the choked reeds. Practice choking the reeds isolated and at different pressure levels. A good excercise for choking is bending down the lower blow notes while trying to stop the draw reed producing sound.

How do you overblow?

An overblow is when you bend a draw reed up while you are blowing. To do this you need to mute the blow reed and then pull the draw reed up while blowing. As against bends, overblows raise the pitch of the note.

Which holes can you overblow on a harmonica?

The holes in which overbends add new notes not available through normal play or normal bends are:

  • overblows on holes 1, 4, 5, and 6, and.
  • overdraws on holes 7, 9, and 10.

How do you set up a harmonica for Overblows?

So what I'm going to do I'm going to use the reed tool and push up from underneath. And the most important thing is making sure that we retain a curve with the reed otherwise. Kind of start playing.

How do you overdraw a harmonica?

You basically use a draw Bend mouth shape but whilst exhaling. So you go to an or vowel sound shape.

How do you bend notes on a harmonica?

Okay so if you think of the clean notes the start of the bend as an e sound and then you move back to an O sound. And that's going to get you into a good position for the bend.

Where are Suzuki harmonicas made?


Made in Japan with an ABS plastic comb and phosphor bronze reeds, it’s ideally suited, as the name suggests, to blues playing, and allows easy bending of notes. Available in 12 major keys.

Is Suzuki harmonica good?

About the Suzuki Harmonica

Their harmonicas produce an impressive tone, and the sound quality is likewise something to be in awe of. The rich sound that can be likened to a professional grade harmonica makes the Suzuki harmonicas, one of the best qualities of harmonicas there is.

Which harmonica is best?

The Best Harmonicas for Beginners, According to Harmonicists

  • Hohner Special 20 Harmonica Bundle, Major C. $55. …
  • Lee Oskar Harmonica, Key of C, Major Diatonic. $43. …
  • Hohner Marine Band Harmonica, Key of C. $43. …
  • Hohner Golden Melody Harmonica, Key of C. …
  • SEYDEL Blues Classic 1847 Harmonica C. …
  • Hohner Super Chromonica Deluxe, Key of C.

Is Suzuki Folkmaster good?

The Suzuki Folkmaster is a nice, inexpensive 10-hole diatonic mouth harp. Its appearance isn’t very exciting, but it does produce an exceptional sound. The tone is mellow, and notes are easy to bend on this mouth harp. It is also easy to take apart for cleaning, maintenance, and retuning.

Is Suzuki Folkmaster good for beginners?

The sound it makes can also compete with other harmonicas as it produces a very crisp and clear sound. There were users who also said that this is their backup harmonica when they needed a different harmonica. Many buyers said that this is a good harmonica for beginners with a very affordable price.