How to play outside over a major 7 chord?

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What do you play over a major 7th chord?

Over a C major 7th chord, use a C major scale (also know as the Ionian mode).

  • Over a Cmaj7 chord, use the C major Bebop scale. …
  • Use the B blues scale over a Cmaj7 chord. …
  • Use the B Locrian mode. …
  • With your new knowledge, take these and use them to improvise over major seventh chords.

What scale do you play over a dominant 7 chord?

The Mixolydian Mode

The Mixolydian scale is surely the most obvious choice when you want to improvise over dominant 7th chords. It is built with a root (1), second (2), third (3), perfect fourth (4), perfect fifth (5), sixth (6) and minor seventh (b7).

What scales to play over major chords?

The rule is to use Major pentatonic scales over major chords and minor pentatonic scales over minor chords. This works well for most chords.

How do you play outside jazz?

Next let's have a look at what's probably the most common outside suggestion you'll come across moving up a half step is a common way to create some outside sounds and similar to the first.

What can you play over m7?

How To Improvise Over Minor 7th Chords

  • Use the Dorian mode over a minor 7th chord. Over a Dmin7 chord, use the D Dorian Mode (D E F G A B C). …
  • Play the Aeolian mode over a minor 7th chord. …
  • Use the blues scale! …
  • Over a dmin7 chord you can use both the A minor pentatonic and the E minor pentatonic scales.

Which pentatonic chord is dominant?

Over dominant chords, try using a minor pentatonic scale that has its root either a perfect fifth or a perfect sixth above the chord’s root. Over minor chords, use a minor pentatonic scale located a whole-step or a perfect fifth above the chord root.

What is outside soloing?

For those that have not come across outside soloing concepts before, playing outside means implying harmony not found within the diatonic chord. In one respect, jazz soloing techniques such as tritone substitutions and altered scales could be thought of as playing outside.

How do you play outside the scale?

Six. And flat five frettin wrong notes light up to the major third flat five up to fret 12 on the g6 row no slide up. And end with that fast blues.

How do you improvise outdoors?

So G a half step above is G sharp or a flat however you like to think of it. And now you're gonna play the major pentatonic. Built off of a flat.

What makes a Dorian scale?

The Dorian scale is a type of minor mode which means that the 3rd note of the scale is lowered by a half step (semitone). It also has a flattened 7th note. Couple that with the major 6th and you have a very interesting scale to play around with. It has a brightness to it that the other minor modes don’t have.

What is D Dorian scale?

And What Is The Dorian Mode? The Dorian mode is, in its purest form, the white notes from D-D. This means that a D Dorian scale is D, E, F, G, A, B, C. Obviously, this is the enharmonic equivalent of C major, so the notes are exactly the same; it’s the way you use the scale that changes things.

What scales to play over minor chords?

The Pentatonic scale is the easiest and most effective scale to play over a minor key and is capable of beautiful bluesy, dark and soulful sounds. The scale is widely used in pop, rock, blues and other styles of music. It consists of five notes: 1 b3 4 5 b7 compared to the major scale (1 2 3 4 5 6 7).

How do you improvise over chords?

How to Improvise Over Unrelated Chords

  1. Try to find one simple scale, chord, or set of pitches that work over all the chords. Or at least two or more chords in a row. …
  2. Take a short melodic fragment and sequence it. …
  3. Ignore the key center movement, simplify the progression, and pick a target key to resolve to.

How do you improvise over minor chords?

Over your minor chords well you can just play a simple c minor. Like this okay. And i'm just doing a little groove kind of a swing groove. One and two and three and four.

Can you play minor pentatonic over major chord?

Yes, you can play minor pentatonic over major chords and chord progressions… if it sounds good.

Can you play blues scale over major chords?

So again, minor pentatonic scales or blues scales work over major or minor chords. Remember, the reverse is not true. You cannot play a major pentatonic of the same root name over a minor chord.

How do you play pentatonic scales over chords?

So the first option for pentatonic over a c major seven chord would be the c major pentatonic scale and the notes in that scale are c d e g a and c.