How to improvise over sixth chord in minor scale?

Asked by: Shaun Bond

What can you play over a minor 6 chord?

Four on the D string. Five on the g string. And five on the B string.

How do you improvise with a minor scale?

Over your minor chords well you can just play a simple c minor. Like this okay. And i'm just doing a little groove kind of a swing groove. One and two and three and four.

What scale do you play over a minor chord?

The Pentatonic scale is the easiest and most effective scale to play over a minor key and is capable of beautiful bluesy, dark and soulful sounds. The scale is widely used in pop, rock, blues and other styles of music. It consists of five notes: 1 b3 4 5 b7 compared to the major scale (1 2 3 4 5 6 7).

What is the 6th in a minor scale?

Perfect 5th: E is the 5th note of the scale. Minor 6th: F is the 6th note of the scale. Minor 7th: G is the 7th note of the scale. Perfect 8th: A (one octave higher) is the 8th note of the A natural minor scale.

How do you resolve a 6th chord?

The sixth is octave equivalent to the thirteenth. If one could cut out the notes in between the fifth and the thirteenth and then drop the thirteenth down an octave to a sixth, one would have an added sixth chord (C–E–G–B♭–D′–F′–A′ minus B♭–D′–F′ = C–E–G–A).

What is an emin6 chord?

What Are Minor 6 Chords? A Minor 6th chord is constructed with four notes. This is a minor triad with a 6th added. min6 chords are made up of a root (1), a minor third (b3), a perfect fifth (5) and sixth (6). In comparison with the major 6 chords, they have a minor third instead of a major third.

What scales can you play over Ii Vi?

The pentatonic scale may be more associated with blues and rock, but it also has its uses in jazz — especially over the ii-V-I. Classic minor pentatonic scales can be used by new guitarists to outline each chord in a ii-V-I.

How do you improvise a minor on a guitar?

So i went from an a minor. That's where i borrow the first three strings here on the fifth fret i put my ring finger on the seventh fret fourth string now i'm just playing it like that.

How do you solo a minor chord?

And the chords in the key go major minor minor major major minor diminished and then back to major. Ok so D is the second chord in the key it's a minor.

What is A minor 6th above C?

Minor sixth interval starting from the note, C

C, A♭

How do you find the minor 6th interval?

Between the bottom notified interval on the top notes there's still some kind of sixth. But you'll notice it's got one semitone smaller. Than the major six up here because there were nine semitones.

How many half steps are in a minor 6th?


Number of half steps Common Spelling Alternate Spelling
8 Minor Sixth (m6) Augmented Fifth
9 Major Sixth (M6) Diminished Seventh
10 Minor Seventh (m7) Augmented Sixth
11 Major Seventh (M7) Diminished Octave