How to get a higher quality sound from my (cheap) hi-hat?

Asked by: Agunk Frew

How do you EQ out of a high hat?

Equalizing hi-hats and cymbals is pretty easy. These sounds usually have a harsh metallic sound around the 200Hz range, some call this clang. To remove that, simply use a high-pass filter till around 300Hz. The high-pass filter will also remove the unwanted mud and some mic bleed from the snare drum.

How do you make a hi-hat sound real?

You're gonna use something called the molar technique. And what this is is it's basically a way to work your wrist into your forearm in a very fluid manner.

How do you make cymbals sound better?

However, there are a few things you can do that will make your current cymbals sound slightly better.

  1. Upgrade Your Hardware.
  2. Improve Your Technique.
  3. Keep Cymbals Clean.
  4. Making Your Cymbals Sound Brighter or Darker.
  5. Soundproofing Your Drum Room.
  6. Adding Things to the Cymbals.
  7. Getting Better Cymbals.

How do I get the best sound from hi-hats?

By just holding the cymbal. Straight. And and seeing if I can get a more muted. Sound there it is.

Should you EQ hi-hats?

Since hi-hats occupy a small frequency range, they experience the effects of processing much faster than other drum hits. This makes it easy to go overboard with saturation, EQ, and compression. The best defense against this mixing mistake is to work with good quality recordings.

Should hi-hats be mono or stereo?

The kick and the snare should be mono, the open-hats and the toms should be panned, and the closed hi-hats can be both panned and stereo.

What DB should hi-hats be?

If you absolutely must have a volume level for your hi hats, I would suggest -20 db. But this can vary depending on the artistic effect you’re going for as well as how high the average peak volume of your song is going to be.

How do you do Eq cymbals?

The first thing you want to do is make sure that you have your high hats and your crashes set to their own mixer channel that way you're going to have the most control.

How do you make a high hat sizzle?

Basically you just open the hi-hat slightly. So they sizzle with every stroke. It looks and sounds something. Like.

Should cymbals be tight or loose?

It should be able to freely. Move in a almost complete range of motion.

Why does my high hat sound weird?

If there is too much separation between the two, you only get the high-pitched and somewhat piercing sound of the top cymbal. Most good quality hi-hat cymbal sets have a higher-pitched cymbal on the top and a heavier weight lower-pitched cymbal on the bottom. Combined, they give you a classic hi-hat sound.

Can you use a hi-hat as a crash?

You can do whatever you want. I’ve heard of people using 2 16″ crashes as hihats, the only real problem with this is placement. Using one half of a hihat as a crash wouldn’t be too bad, as long as you like the sound.