How to clean a smelly flute?

Asked by: Cindy Knox

In summary though, a cloth and a small amount of rubbing alcohol should be enough to clean your flute once the cork is removed.

How do I get rid of the smell in my flute?

Short of that, to make a case smell better, remove the instrument, spray the case lining with Febreeze, and leave it out in the sun for a couple of days. Be sure that it’s not going to rain when you do that.

How do you deep clean a flute?

Now the tubing same thing as before on the head joint just rub nice. And on it over and over get all that black gunk off of there. And yeah that's how you use the tarnish cloth pretty much.

What to use to clean the inside of a flute?

To sum it all up, cleaning your flute is typically best done with anti-tarnish silver polish and rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide. You can also use soap and water but in small amounts so as to not destroy the pads or the headjoint cork either. While Windex isn’t necessarily harmful, it also isn’t recommended.

How do I clean and sanitize a flute?

The best way to disinfect your flute at home is to use rubbing alcohol or hydrogen peroxide with a cotton ball then let it air dry.

Can you clean the inside of a flute with rubbing alcohol?

To clean a flute with rubbing alcohol, take a cotton swab with rubbing alcohol soaked into it and rub around the mouthpiece and lip plate. This will kill any bacteria on and around this spot without the need for bleach. Don’t use rubbing alcohol inside the body of the flute or around the keys.

How do you clean an old flute?

And what we're doing is putting a little sponge here and kind of rubbing it on a little bit until we get the luster to come back and some of the tarnish to come off.

What happens if you don’t clean your flute?

Furthermore, not cleaning your flute can also lead to bacterial growth and water damage which can make you ill and also lead to more rusting likewise. The vapor inside your breath is home to countless bacteria as well as water that can damage your instrument and warp it over time as well.

Can I use alcohol wipes to clean my flute?

To disinfect a flute, use a rubbing alcohol wipe to gently wipe the surface of the lip plate. Use a dry polish cloth to wipe down the surface of the keys.

Can you use soap and water on flute?

Can you wash a flute with soap and water? The answer is yes; you can use soap and water as a cleaning solution. It should be noted, though, that this is not the ideal option. The key to using soap and water as a cleanser is to apply it in moderation and to avoid getting water on the cork and pads.

Can you soak a flute in water?

It does need a good cleaning and polishing though. Never get it wet unless it is completely disassembled (which it shouldn’t be unless a tech is working on it). Water will ruin the pads and the corks, and you’ll end up having to get them replaced (which can be quite costly).

How do you clean a moldy flute?

Mold isn’t always toxic, but some is. I would use a rag with diluted ammonia and wipe everything. Use paper towels for the pads and blot by closing the key on the towel. Once you clean it don’t put it in the same case, leave it out and the smell will subside to some extent.

How do you stop a flute from getting fungus?

Oil your flute up just before the blow hole. Do not touch the cork – if the cork is moved, this will alter the pitch. Never oil a wet bansuri, for example after having played it. Make sure that the bamboo is dry before oiling it.

How do you clean a flute with toothpaste?

Take a tooth brush and tooth paste and scrub your flute down with it. Make sure you use lukewarm water before and after to rinse it off. I tarnished my flute by accidentally soaking it in 3% hydrogen peroxide for too long so it got all tarnished but the toothpaste helped it a lot. To disinfect it I use mouthwash.