How to avoid unwanted scratching/squeaking/hissing noise from the fretting hand when playing hi-gain electric guitar?

Asked by: Reggie Bachhav

How do I stop my fingers from making noise on electric guitar?

The first technique i want to look at is that of lift. And shift. And what we're doing with our left hand here is instead of playing a note. And dragging it along the string.

How do you stop electric guitar strings from squeaking?

And sometimes it helps to kind of roll roll. Back a little bit. So I'm keeping my the bottom of the ball pushed. Down or the bottom of your finger pushed down roll back and up. And slide it crossed.

How do I stop fretting noise?

For electric, you have two main choices…

  • Reduce the high frequencies on your amp, or reduce the amount of any compression you are using, or increase its release time .
  • Learn to lift your fingers higher as you make the transition.

How do I stop my guitar from scratching?

Store doormats. And it has two surfaces the top surface is surprisingly softened and smooth. And there's nothing that's going to scratch or Mar the finish.

How do you slide on a guitar without squeaking?

If you try and slide the pad of your finger along the string you will notice that it is actually less noisy. So, if you can’t avoid the slide along the string (perhaps you are using the finger as a guide finger) then rotate your finger a bit so that you can shift on the pad rather than the tip.

How do you mute unwanted string noises?

You would actually hit the strings with your thumb. Just here as you go down.

Why do my fingers squeak on guitar?

You squeak when you slide a finger on the wound guitar strings (which is another name for the bass strings). This can be with pressure (pressing down a string) or not. Squeaks are not particular. Some of the loudest and sharpest string squeaks happen when beginning a shift to a new position.

Is it normal to scratch your guitar?

the odd nick, scratch or chip is no cause for concern as far as i’m concerned. ROAR!!! A guitar that hasn’t been scratched is a guitar that hasn’t been loved! A guitar that hasn’t been scratched is a guitar that hasn’t been loved!

How do you get rid of pick scratches?

You need to make sure you're applying a lot of pressure to really work it into the scratches. The number one reason this method won't work as quickly is if you don't use enough pressure.

What is that squeaky sound from guitar?

Acoustic string noise, often referred to as finger squeak, is a byproduct sound that tends to occur while changing between chords and notes, and when moving your fretting hand up and down the neck.

What does a string dampener do guitar?

A string dampener is exactly what it sounds like: a device that sits on your fretboard and dampens your strings. There are a few different designs, but they all aim to do the same job, keep your guitar nice and quiet.

What can I use as a fret wrap?

We will need a velcro strap in this case I'm using the one that the shure sm58. At some 57 come with it's a microphone cable wrap.

Where do you put the fret wraps?

Put the strap you know in the little hole here and then adjust for how tight you want it I like to keep mine fairly loose.