How to achieve a wet snare drum sound?

Asked by: Donna Starcher

How do you sound a dampen snare?

10 Quick Ways to Dampen Your Snare Drum

  1. Wallet.
  2. Phone.
  3. Moongels/Drum Dots.
  4. Sticky Hands.
  5. Tape.
  6. T-Shirt or Handkerchief.
  7. Splash Cymbal.
  8. Old Drum Head.

How do you make a snare drum sound crisp?

Especially just crank it as thick they just crank it as tight as it can go because they think that's the way it should be it does not need to be as tight as it can go.

How do I make my snare drum sound deeper?

With all of my snare drums whether it's going to be a high-pitched cracking sound or this deep thudding sound let me take this stick. Stick it on the wire. So you don't hear the buzz.

How do you get punchy snare?

Now so the trick to getting punchy aggressive Rock snares is heavy compression. That's it there's no secret sauce it's just heavy compression.

What can I use to dampen my drums?

Paper Towel and Tape

Tear a small piece of paper towel and fold it into a square. Now rip a piece of duct tape that is a little bit bigger than the paper towel and tape it down onto the drum close to the edge of the head. Just one of these is usually enough to really dampen the head.

How do you dampen drums at home?

Put towels across your drums and cymbals. This is basically DIY drum mutes, and they’re effective at reducing drum noise. The thicker the towel, the more you’ll reduce drum volume, however you’ll also lose a lot of rebound. Stuff your bass drum with a thick blanket, towels, etc.

What dB should snare be at?

0 dB

Drums. Start by setting the snare fader at 0 dB and bringing the rest of the drum mix in around it. The snare is the foundation of the backbeat, and typically one of the loudest elements in the mix.

How tight should my snare be?

For most styles, you want the snare-side head very tight. Not only does it give you that nice crack that most of us love, but you get the added benefit of greater response from the head. Loose snare heads have a place, too.

How do you make a fat sounding snare?

Right down here there's two spots that i'd usually put one's here one here or one right underneath the mic. And you can hear that that fat snare sound straight. Away.

How do you make a snappy more snare?

So if the vocal changes that changes the style. And the sound of the song. More then the snare is going to so that's the balance. There.

Should snare be tilted?

It. Really just comes down to comfortability. And angles.

What can I use instead of moon gel?

Sticky toys are a popular alternative to Moongels. These toys are usually made of very similar material, so you may count on similar effects as well.

What does Moon Gel do?

Moongel is a non-toxic self-adhesive gel that sticks to drum heads, cymbals, and most percussion equipment, giving you a flexible dampening solution for your drum gear. Move the Moongel around the drum head and cymbal until you find and impede the offending frequencies.

Why do people put wallet on snare?

Place the coin side on the snare to keep it stable. Because a wallet isn’t attached as tight to the snare as the likes of MoonGel, it allows for greater depth in sound, if a slightly inconsistent effect. It can also start sliding about the drum if you’re a hard hitter or it’s quite light.

How long do drum heads last?

They recommend always changing your drum heads before you start recording. Otherwise, if you’re just practicing and playing normally, you should find yourself replacing heads every six months or so. Six months isn’t a hard rule, and for some could be a risky amount of time to wait.

What is a piccolo snare drum?

The piccolo snare is a type of snare used by drummers seeking a higher-pitched sound from their snare. Because the piccolo snare has a narrower depth than that of the marching snare or set snare, a higher-pitched “pop” is more widely associated with it.

How do you make a snare drum quieter?

There's a memory lock that's busted or something gets stripped out. But I also use it for muffling especially in the studio. And the great thing about tape is that it's relatively inexpensive.

How do I get rid of overtones in snare drum?

This is for the folks out there who tend to reach for the gaff tape the moon gels things like that to help quell overtones control the scenario sound especially in recording situations.