How should tuba valve springs of different size be reassembled?

Asked by: Charlie Matthews

How do you size a valve spring?

Selecting a Spring
Use only the valve springs that will give the correct spring pressure with the valve both on the seat and at maximum lift. 2. The outside diameter of the recommended valve spring may require that the spring pocket of the head be machined to a bigger size. 3.

How do I choose a valve spring retainer?

An important factor when selecting valve springs, is choosing the correct seat pressure, open pressure, and spring rate for the camshaft being used. In theory, you can gain free horsepower just by choosing the proper springs for your engine.

How are valve springs held in place?

A valve spring is placed around the stem of a valve and held in place by a retainer. Its main job is to control the entire valvetrain, ensuring that the proper amount of spring pressure is applied consistently to prevent valve bounce.