How should I go about learning the oud?

Asked by: Michelle Parker

Is it easy to learn the Oud?

The Oud is definitely a challenging instrument, but it isn’t as difficult as the Piano. You will learn how to play notes that are not found in Western Music which will broaden your ears once you learn to differentiate between different scales and modes. This is truly a new frontier that can be very exciting.

Is learning Oud difficult?

As a fretless string instrument, people tend to think that playing oud is hard to learn. But a well-tuned quality oud could not be harder to learning than any other instrument.

Can you learn Oud online?

The answer is yes! You can learn how to play the oud online. However, it’s always preferred to find an in-person teacher.

How long does it take to be good at Oud?

It isn’t a skill you can gain overnight. I would consider reaching this level even in two years a feat of extraordinary dedication and discipline.

Is Oud easier than guitar?

The Oud is not necessarily more difficult than learning Banjo or Guitar, it’s just a different approach. It’s more like a melodic instrument like a violin. Good luck. Once you get into the Oud you’ll be quite addicted.

Can I play Oud If I play guitar?

Making command over vital oud techniques provide the ability to play oud style easily on guitar. Whether you are a seasoned guitar player or a beginner, you can start learning and playing Oud instrument from today.

Can you tune a guitar like a Oud?

To answer your question, guitar tuning on oud would be approximately a 4th higher all around, which would mean that you need much lighter strings. You could probably do it with a “high F” type oud string set.

What is the difference between Oud and lute?

The main difference between the Oud and Lute instruments is that a Lute has a fretted neck and can have more strings or be a larger size than the Oud instrument. The Lute is associated with Western Shakespearean culture while the Oud is the main instrument of Middle Eastern and Arab culture.

How heavy is a Oud?

Electric Oud Weight is 2.86 pounds.

How much should I pay for an oud?

Ouds can be found at a pretty wide range of prices. Starting at 300$ up to 10,000$.

How much does a good oud cost?

Beginner ouds are sold for about $400-$1000. The different tiers of pricing reflect the differences in wood quality and how long the oud will last.