How many violins should play alongside a single flute?

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two violinists…
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13 1.1139 ~11.1

What instrument pairs well with a violin?

Optimum combinations
Though a broad range of instruments may be played alongside the violin in various situations, none can rival the pairings produced with these four instruments and classes: viola, double bass (also called “standup” bass or acoustic bass), harp and woodwinds.

What instrument goes well with flute?

There are so many instruments that sound great with the flute. My favorites are the guitar, piano, harpsicord, harp, organ, and many percussion instruments. I have even played an entire polka accompanied solely by a tuba! All of those instruments lend themselves well to the rhythm section.

Can a flute play violin music?

The flute is considered a C instrument and plays anything in the treble clef. So, can the flute play violin music? Yes, yes it can.

How many violins are in an orchestra normally?

They are not the biggest, but the most. Many times there are 30 violins playing together in the symphony orchestra. The violin often plays the melodies, but also rhythms and sounds. The instrument has four strings and the musician uses a bow to create the sound.

Do violin and flute go together?

While a violin and a flute can play well together without volume issues (the flute player usually plays quieter instinctively), things change a lot with a bigger ensamble.

What two instruments go well together?

One of the most common sound combinations of all is the oboe and violin played in unison, since both are excellent melody instruments. Playing in unison is also possible with the viola.

What do 2nd violins do?

The simplest answer is to say that usually the second violins play a supportive role harmonically and rhythmically to the first violins which often play the melody and the highest line of the string section.

Why is first violin so important?

In general, the first violinist, or the concertmaster, carries the tune or the melody of a particular piece of music, while the second violinist plays the harmony. In a professional orchestra, the position of first violinist is usually paid more than other members of the orchestra.

How many flutes are in an orchestra?

2-4 flutes

There are 2-4 flutes in an orchestra. The flute section of the orchestra often includes a piccolo, which is a half-size version of a flute that plays twice as high! The word piccolo means “small” in Italian.

What musical instrument is not normally used in the orchestra?

BRASS. The most common band instruments that are not found in the orchestra are the baritone horn and the Sousaphone.

What is the best instrument in the orchestra?

Violins are well-suited to playing melody, making them one of the most important instruments in the orchestra. Firstly, they are the highest string instrument, so their bright tone rises above the rest of the string section.