How does the use of silver influence the quality of a flute?

Asked by: Tameka Barber

Why is silver used in flutes?

Flutes made of Silver

Most student model flutes are plated with silver. The silver helps to create a sweet and expressive sound without being as costly as gold. Silver plated flutes can tarnish quite quickly. However, they can be polished back to their original state, provided its done by a good flute technician.

Do silver flutes sound better?

Actually makes a difference to the sound or is it just for the look of the instrument. Well I am here to tell you that it makes a huge difference in the sound of the instrument.

Are flutes made of silver?

The most common material for flutes to be made of are nickel and silver. In general, beginner flutes are made of nickel, but are silver-plated to prevent tarnishing and improve sound quality. Many intermediate flutes are made of pure silver or sterling silver.

What makes a flute sound good?

A middle position that allows you to go in different registers with suppleness is what you need and it's just guiding the air it's not making the sound the sound is made by the air.

How do you check the quality of a flute?

Check the flute instrument for any major dents or scratches. Scratches and dents can affect the quality of music while playing. The pads are usually spongy and meant to cover the holes present in a flute. The pads should not be torn or dirty as it can affect the sound quality of the instrument.

How much silver is in a flute?

Solid Silver flutes are actually made from an alloy of “Sterling Silver” that contains 92.5% pure silver and usually 7.5% copper for strength.

Does the material of a flute affect the sound?

The scientific school of thought has performed research and concluded that the material has NO impact upon the sound of the flute or any other instrument.

What makes a professional flute?

There are two specs that you will likely only find on professional flutes. Those two are: solid silver keys and soldered tone holes. Most professional flutes are all silver, including the keys. While some lower cost professional flutes have plated keys, solid silver keys are just as common.

How can you tell if a flute is silver?

And you what you want to do is you want to ding. The head joint on the bottom just a little ding. Maybe you hear that. If it's ringing. That means it's made out of nickel silver.

How do you make a flute sound crisp?

You might have it too tight. Like this it's going to make you sound fluffy. You might be too ooh. Fluffy sound you might be too eating your lips like.

Why does my flute not sound clear?


This is generally the most difficult step for students who have already been playing for a few years. Many young flute players use quite a bit of tension in their lips, cheeks, throat, and neck. Doing this allows players to produce a clearer sound earlier, so this is a natural tendency.

How do you get the perfect sound on a flute?

Support the air stream.

  1. Listen to your tone while blowing into the flute, too. Think about sounding resonant and full. Imagine that you are vibrating the whole length of your flute with your breath.
  2. Shape your lips. Making the hole in your lips smaller can produce a better tone.

Why does my flute sound breathy?

In my experience teaching, a breathy sound is usually the result of one the following: Blowing too hard to make an octave. You want a faster stream, but not necessarily more air. A faster stream is created by shrinking your aperture without changing how hard you blow.

Why does my flute squeak?

The answer to “Why does my flute squeak?” is a combination of air speed and angles. It’s safe to say that the instrument itself doesn’t make any sharp, high-pitched sounds itself until blown into. So we can safely rule out the flute being the culprit.

How do you clean a flute?

Gently push to cleaner inside the body of the flute, whilst twisting slowly. Do not attempt to reach all of the way through the flute from one end. Aim for the middle and then turn the flute around and do the same again. It is important to clean every part of the flute, including the footjoint.

What is the sound of flute in words?

Airy, light, poetic, mellow, bright, wafting, ethereal, rich, soft, graceful, penetrating, brilliant, clear, shrill, silvery, wind-like, whistling, whispering, humming, filigree, sighing, aspirate.