How do you make high notes softer and low notes louder on the C flute?

Asked by: Laurie Henry

How do you make low notes on flute louder?

One of the factors which determines how loud your low notes are is the distance from your lips to the riser wall. A shorter distance gives a quiter sound and a longer distance gives a louder sound. So, one experiment you can try is rolling your flute out a little bit while blowing down at a steeper angle.

How can I make my flute louder?

Lot of people have asked us how to play louder on their flute and the first thing I would say is to open them out so you need to open a little bit more the hole here with your lips.

How can I make my flute sound better on high notes?

Um and uh so keep your throat open keep your jaw nice and relaxed. Like this like avoid clenching or tightening the jaw to get your high notes out but always keep it relaxed.

How do you fix low C on a flute?

If you can get the same sound by yourself by deliberately missing that D sharp key using a flat finger and pushing both the Rowley C key and the flat C sharp key down. If you can do that by.

Why won’t my flute play low notes?

So you want to check if your keys aren't closing all the way if they're not sealing all the way if you push down the keys on the foot joint.

Why can’t I play low notes on flute?

The problem most people run into when playing low notes is using too much air. Air that’s moving too fast can mean accidentally over blowing the note and leaping up to its harmonic. (Notes actually contain multiple sound wave frequencies.

How do you play soft and loud on the flute?

So what we're going to do is as we go softer as we slow down that air speed we are going to roll the bottom lip in the jaw forward. And up look what kind of moving like. This raising that Airstream.

Why does my flute sound so airy?

An airy sound on the flute means you have wasted air when you’re blowing. Now that is either from blowing too hard, or you have too big a hole and you have escaping air or you’re blowing in the wrong direction. All of that makes your sound airy.

How do you play C on flute?

But the only key we're going to press down is our pinkie key right here that's the E flat key. And that will make the note C. So the only home keys were pressing down our left hand first finger.

What is C flat flute?

A C flat is the EXACT SAME NOTE as a B natural (there is no note between a C and B), so if your music calls for a C flat, just finger a B natural and you’ll get the right note. Reply To Message. RE: help with c flat for flute.

How do you focus a flute sound?

And really just let the air push the lips open. So you starting with the lips closed you're doing a nice mmm. And then you're just letting that like a little explosion just open those lips.

How do I know if my flute needs new pads?

Turn the flute over and look at the pads (under the keys). Do not touch the pads with anything (damage). Look for fraying, peeling, puffing, or tears in the “skin” of the pads. If you see any of these, your flute can limp along for a while, but probably needs repair depending on the severity of the tears.

How do you soften a flute pad?

Any of the liquid products, such as neatsfoot oil, old english oil, and so forth, will soften the leather of the pad to some degree.

How many years should a flute last?

I have seen flutes last anywhere from four to thirteen years with consistent playing before needing overhauls. Piccolos tend to last longer between overhauls.

How long should flute pads last?

Flute pads typically last 3-6 years, depending on how often you do the maintenance. Make sure to keep your flute clean and dirt-free, and don’t forget to do yearly maintenance to improve the life of your flute pads and flute. This will save you future costs on repadding your flute.

Can I clean my flute with rubbing alcohol?

Never use silver polish or any other cleaner on your flute. To clean your flute use “saliva” or rubbing alcohol on your cloth. To keep pads clean, don’t eat candy or chew gum before playing and never while playing.

Do flutes get old?

A flute gets old when it is not properly/regularly serviced or maintained, but if you do regularly have it serviced it will be fine for decades.