How do you get that big 90s distorted guitar sound (Jawbreaker, Pixies, etc.)?

Asked by: Mark Ehli

How do I get my 90s guitar tone?

A lot more bass to give a a big thick sound thick is the sound that we're looking for and simple it's got to be simple so if you're just starting out just go on spotify. And put in 90s rock playlists.

How do you get distorted sound on guitar?

Pressing the pedal down gradually increases the volume-and the distortion. To avoid this, use a distortion, overdrive, or other effector to distort the sound, and connect a volume pedal after the effector.

How do I get the sound on my Pixies guitar?

One was their pure dynamics. The very obvious now. But not obvious at the time dynamic of keeping the verse extremely quiet and then erupting into a blaze of noise for the chorus.

How do you get the distorted effect on electric guitar?

So what I can do here is I go to my amp. And on the each knobs the first one I'll go to is the drive. Which if you're playing say a regular tube amp like a mace or a Marshall it's going to say gain.

How do I get grunge tone?

Let's go ahead and start off with a clean. Intro this one is the simplest preset since it's the clean intro i just needed to make sure that it had the right settings on the tone stack. And didn't have

How do you play grunge on guitar?

So what you're gonna do is now you're gonna take your first finger and slide it down one fret and you're gonna basically make like what looks like the top of a G chord and you're gonna go down.

How do you get crunchy distortion?

Click it over a little more high-end boost in that.

How do you make a chunky guitar sound?

Sound at this point and it's not really modern whereas the modern sound where you can still get a pretty thick sound would be to use ceramic magnets and humbuckers personally.

How do you get natural distortion?

You can force your amp to create a natural distortion even if it hasn’t got an overdrive channel by turning the volume up. While the amp is off, turn the master volume all the way down. Then, turn up the gain and volume channels to the maximum.

How do you get a tight distortion sound?

But that pedal is essential. And more often than not in the case of hard rock heavy metal or classic rock that vital tonal ingredient is used to front-end the amp.