How do I get my flute to sound clean?

Asked by: Jeremy Calloway

What do you do if your flute is flat?

If you are playing flat, you need to raise your pitch by pushing in the headjoint and shortening the flute tube. Holding the body of the flute firmly in one hand above the keys, carefully but firmly push in the headjoint as much as necessary. You should use a slight twisting motion to push it in.

Why does my flute sound dull?

Cause #1: Not using enough air or using a slow airstream

The flute requires a lot of air, and it requires a fast airstream in order to produce a substantial sound. Make sure that you are inhaling full breaths and using a fast airstream for all registers of the flute (not just the upper register).

How do you make a flute sound crisp?

You might have it too tight. Like this it's going to make you sound fluffy. You might be too ooh. Fluffy sound you might be too eating your lips like.