How do I get consistent sound during Bansuri practice?

Asked by: Tara Wasson

Why doesnt my flute sound clear?

The most common cause of a fuzzy flute sound is that the student simply isn’t using enough air. Flute is the only wind instrument that does not have a mouthpiece placed directly in or completely covering the mouth.

How do you get a clear tone on a flute?

So close your mouth make that hole smaller. And you'll get a better sound straight away the second thing that can make your that will make your sound fuzzy.

How do I stop the airy sound on my flute?

And if I start angling upward. And more to the right I also get more Airy so to find a less Airy sound I open to the teeth more. And I moved the flute angle this way. And also with my lip.

How to make a noise on the flute?

Form the flute embouchure which is your lips together smooth and relaxed with your corners firm. And we're going to blow air through the middle of our lips starting with the sound of the letter.

Why do I sound airy on the flute?

An airy sound on the flute means you have wasted air when you’re blowing. Now that is either from blowing too hard, or you have too big a hole and you have escaping air or you’re blowing in the wrong direction. All of that makes your sound airy.
Jun 21, 2021

How do I improve my flute playing skills?

Practice your scales.

Which scale flute sounds best?

If you are looking for a flute for the best concert quality in India, this scale C natural medium 19 inches is ideal. Sarfuddin is highly tuned and possesses a great quality sound due to its scale C.
Dec 15, 2021