How do I find inspiration and play with more ‘depth’?

Asked by: John Cameron

How do I get inspired to play music again?

Here we go:

  1. 1.) Find new things to listen to. …
  2. 2.) Find something besides jazz to listen to. …
  3. 3.) Go see live music. …
  4. 4.) Buy a new set of headphones. …
  5. 5.) Learn from a musician that doesn’t play your instrument. …
  6. 6.) Instead of focusing on chords, focus on rhythm. …
  7. 7.) Instead of focusing on chords, focus on melody. …
  8. 8.)

Where do musicians get their inspiration?

Musical inspiration comes from the people, events, and experiences that make you who you are.

Can you create music without inspiration?

But can you compose music even if you have no exceptionally inspiring musical idea, no inspirational musical fragment in your mind? Yes! And in fact, if you’re really serious about songwriting as a profession, you’d have to write no matter how you feel.

What is musical depth?

the distance from the surface to the bottom of something; the apparent existence of three dimensions in a two-dimensional representation; complexity or profundity of thought.

How do I add depth to my music?

In order to create depth in your mix, follow these steps:

  1. Create contrast – use both sounds that are up-front and in the back for great depth.
  2. Use equalizer – equalize your sounds with depth in mind.
  3. Reverb – use reverbs to create virtual spaces in your mix.
  4. Delay – use delays to add depth and rhythm.

How do you get depth in music?

The simplest and most effective way to create depth in a mix is with volume. In short, louder sounds appear closer, quieter sounds create a sense of distance. As an approximate guide: to double the distance of a sound, decrease its volume by 6dB.

How do I get depth in mastering?

And also using the dynamics to to kind of grab sounds. And make things kind of the focus points all stick together it's more to do with kind of movies spreading things around and EQ injustice.

How do I bring a mix to life?

Starting points or kind of the most common things that will help when your EQ or compressing typical tracks in a rock mix so kick snare toms guitars vocals etc.

How do I add depth to reverb?

Reverb can be used to create depth by using reverberation times greater than 1 second, and by using pre-delay times to establish a sense of distance from the original source and the walls that create reverberation. Shorter reverb times create a sense of closeness by increasing a signal’s amplitude.

How do you add depth to a wave?

You want to brush your hair with a hard brush. Now you can still use your medium brush you still use your soft brush. But the hard brush is really going to help you. In make sure your ways are deep.

How do you push things further back in the mix?

So if we add just a little bit of reverb onto our pad. Here for example. We can make it sound a little bit further back in the mix.