How can I record as MIDI track a live performance in MainStage 3 (MIDI piano)?

Asked by: Keondre Zamora

Can you record MIDI in mainstage?

You can’t record MIDI in Mainstage.

How do I record the mainstage to live?

In MainStage, click the Record button in the toolbar. To stop recording, click the Record button again.

How do I record a MIDI track?

I can start recording a clip by simply clicking the record button in an empty clip slot in the track.

How do I record mainstage to logic?

So first of all I'm going to click on the piano volume. And then just twist the corresponding knob on my controller. Same thing for these other ones.

Can you record with MainStage?

Now the first thing you need to do is to make sure your audio. Output is being saved in the correct format now to do that we're going to come up here to the main stage 3. And go to the preferences.

How do I connect my MIDI keyboard to MainStage 3?

How to connect your keyboard to MainStage 3

  1. CONNECT A USB CABLE. Connect a USB MIDI cable between your MIDI keyboard/controller and computer. …
  2. MIDI IN MONITOR. Open up your template. …

How do I record from mainstage to GarageBand?

And where you need to save it is in your user folder. So the Garage Band knows how to find it. And that's found in your user music audio music apps patches. And then put it in instrument. Ok.

How do you record guitar with mainstage?

Connect an electric instrument to MainStage

  1. Connect an audio interface to your computer’s Thunderbolt or USB port, then connect an electric instrument to the audio interface.
  2. Connect the electric instrument to a channel on the audio interface or the adapter cable, using a standard 1/4-inch instrument cable.

Can an iPhone record a concert?

Use a Special Camera App for Concerts

The app is called Kimd, and it’s a free app available in the App Store. One the biggest features of Kimd is that it automatically dims your iPhone’s screen to the lowest setting, and from there you can take photos and record video.

Can you use MainStage and Logic at the same time?

yep … I do it like that all the time. Soundflower is your friend for piping audio out of mainstage into an audio track in Logic.

Can you use MainStage with Logic?

You can open a MainStage patch in Logic since MainStage and Logic both share the same software instruments and plugins. Bring Channel Strips into Logic: You can save the channel strips you’d like to use, and then add those to your project inside Logic.

Does MainStage work with Logic?

Ultimately, the sounds and patches in MainStage and Logic are the same; it’s just how you use them that are different between each program.

Is MainStage a DAW?

It is important to note that MainStage is simply a host for your VSTs and effects. It is not a full DAW and it is built with the sole purpose of allowing keyboardists to have full control of their sounds.

How do you use MainStage for worship?

You can create entirely virtual controllers. You can map any parameter to anything that you'd like on screen you can color code you can label you can add multiple parameters to the same controls.

Can you use MainStage without logic?

Yes, and memory/CPU issues not withstanding, Mainstage generally works extremely well for this.

What is the difference between MainStage and MainStage 3?

Perhaps the best thing about MainStage is it’s extremely affordable price tag. When you purchase it from the app store, even if you don’t own Logic. MainStage 3 comes with Logic Pro 10’s entire library of instruments and effects. As well as additional content you can download for no extra cost.

Is Ableton better than MainStage?

Surface Level Differences

Ableton is a fully functioning DAW, while Mainstage Is really meant more for live performance. Mainstage is a lot more visual, and Ableton tends to have a lot more hidden.

Can you use MainStage 3 on an iPad?

No problem, you can use Logic Mainstage 3 iPad instead. If you have an iOS device, MainStage will work with the Logic Remote App which is a free app from the App Store which will allow you to play a wide variety of keys and trigger samples. As a tip: while this is a really good feature.

Does MainStage 3 work with GarageBand?

Answer: Yes, when you save new patch in the correct directory, Garageband X will read it. And it is possible to access all patches of Mainstage 3 from Garageband by simply copying them over to the right folder.

Does Apple MainStage work with GarageBand?

Answer: A: Not all instruments from MainStage can be used in GarageBand, mainly the JamPacks.