How can I play with an amp simulator through cubase?

Asked by: Terry Baker

1 Answer

  1. You need to have your audio interface as Cubase input device.
  2. Connect your guitar to an input in your audio interface (the recording thingy).
  3. In Cubase create an audio track, and as input source select the input of your audio interface where you connected your guitar.

How do you use the amp simulator in Cubase?

You can use the tabs on the left and the right hand side of the amplifier to see the pre and post pedal effects that you're using in this configuration.

How do you use the amp simulator?

A PC can be used as a guitar amp by installing an amp sim (guitar amp simulator). Then, connect your guitar to an audio interface input, and the audio interface via USB to the PC running the amp sim. Finally, connect speakers or headphones to the audio interface output, for a working guitar amp.

Can you run an amp through an audio interface?

The simplest way to connect a guitar amp to an audio interface is by using an output labeled ‘line out’ on the amplifier. This is sent to the input on the interface using an audio cable, where the signal from the amplifier can be recorded.

How do you record amp simulator?

The Complete Guide To Recording Guitar With Amp Sims

  1. 1 Create a new track in your DAW. …
  2. 2 Insert amp sim on the new track in your DAW. …
  3. 3 Add separate IR loader and IR if needed. …
  4. 4 Connect your guitar to your audio interface. …
  5. 5 Set the input level on your audio interface. …
  6. 6 Set the input level in your DAW and amp sim.

Are amp sims as good as amps?

Amp simulators offer realistic tones, more convenience, less cost, and more options for guitar tones due to amp emulation software. On the other hand, recording a real amp provides the true experience but costs more for analog gear while being less convenient and flexible.

Is amplitube the best amp sim?

Amplitube 5 Max is my top pick among the many amp simulator plugins on the market. The main benefit of this plugin, as well as a few others, is that it can be used for electric, acoustic, and bass guitar. As a result, this plugin is extremely versatile. Amplitube 5 Max is compatible with both Mac and PC.

Where does amp simulator go in chain?

And the end of the chain.

How do I connect my amp to my computer?

You can connect your guitar amp to your computer if the amp has a line-out or headphone socket. Connect the amp’s line-out/headphone to an input on your computer’s audio interface. Some amps also have a USB connection, which can output audio directly into the computer via a USB cable.

How can I listen to my guitar through my computer?

The most popular way to connect an electric guitar to a computer is by using an audio interface. An audio interface is a simple box that allows you to plug your guitar or other inputs into it, and it converts the signal into a digital signal to send via USB to your computer.

How do I make my amp sims sound real?

Do Your Amp Sims Sound Bad? 11 Tips For A Better Sound

  1. 1 Use an IR (Impulse Response) …
  2. 2 Use specialist digital audio drivers. …
  3. 3 Use a noise gate with high gain sounds. …
  4. 4 Set the audio interface input level higher. …
  5. 5 Set the audio interface input level lower. …
  6. 6 Set the optimum input level in the amp sim itself.

How do you record an electric guitar with a DAW?

Play Guitar Through Your DAW

  1. Create a Blank Session. A blank session: where it all begins. …
  2. Create a New Track. Once you have this blank session open, you’ll want to create a track for your guitar. …
  3. Choose the Input Source. Plugged into Input 1 on my Focusrite Scarlett 18i8. …
  4. Arm for Recording. …
  5. Check Your Levels. …
  6. Rock Out.

Can you plug guitar directly into audio interface?

If you have an electric-acoustic guitar you could plug directly into your interface or alternatively, use a decent microphone, plugged into your audio interface to capture the sound.

What cable do I need to connect electric guitar to audio interface?

I would advise standard (same you are using to your combo amp for instance) TS-TS instrument cable for guitar or bass connection. Most likely, if you use TRS (three pole) connector, electrical connection will be same, because ring and sleeve contacts on connector will be connected together at your instrument.

How do you record directly from a guitar amp?

Basically you want to point the mic. At the amp and not away from the amp. There's two speakers in this to 12-inch speakers I'm using the off-axis technique.

Can you play an amp head without a cabinet?

Amp head with a built-in speaker

Using this speaker, you can play through just the head on its own, without a speaker cabinet connected.

Can you run an amp head through an interface?

If the output jack is labeled line out it means it can be plugged into any line-level input, as those found in audio interfaces, so you should be safe.

What is the difference between an amp head and cabinet?

Amp Head & Cabinet Setup

The amp head and cabinet setup is two separate pieces of equipment. The head is an amplifier by itself with no speaker. The cabinet is the speaker. If you’re at a huge rock concert, the tall stacks of equipment are an amp head and cabinet setup.