How can I make a note repeat endlessly when I hold down a key in Garageband?

Asked by: Steve Abernathy

How do you repeat notes in GarageBand?

Tap the Step Settings button , tap Note Repeat, then do any of the following:

  1. Drag up or down on a step to raise or lower the number of repeats.
  2. Touch and hold a step to see an expanded view, then drag up or down.
  3. Drag left or right to change the number of repeats for multiple steps.

How do you repeat a loop in GarageBand?

Loop a region repeatedly

  1. In GarageBand on Mac, control-click the region, then choose Loop On/Off from the shortcut menu. The region loops repeatedly until the end of the project.
  2. To unloop the region, control-click the region, then choose Loop On/Off from the shortcut menu again.

How do I make a sample loop in GarageBand?

Bit. Loop sounds pretty good alright so now the next part of this is I want to take that little sample there and add it to my loop.

How do you hold notes in GarageBand?

Under view you'll see notes scroll down to sustain. You have a couple options on and off this option lets you simulate a foot pedal.

How do you extend a loop?

What you want to do is mouse over the track the section the audio region that you want to loop.

How do you make a loop?

So if you guys want to start using your hardware synthesizers to make loops or you want to use like guitar inputs or other stuff to make your loops that's how you would do it in FL studio.

How do you repeat and copy on GarageBand?

Select any region use the copy menu item move the playhead to where you wish the copy to be placed. And then use the paste menu item. You can however do all of this in a single step.