How can I listen to my electronic drums through my computer without additional delay?

Asked by: Jennifer Tucker

How do I reduce the latency on my electronic drums?

Make sure that you have as much turned off as possible you don't have to get rid of anything. But make sure you don't have any programs running in the background.

How can I listen to my electronic drums on my PC?

Electronic drum modules can connect to your DAW or virtual instrument via USB or MIDI. USB is the most common because it will often power the module and carry MIDI messages to and from your computer. That’s handy but does take a USB port, so if you’re running out, you might consider getting a powered USB hub.

Do I need an interface for electronic drums?

If your electronic drum kit doesn’t have a USB output then you will need an audio interface to connect it to your computer, via an audio cable(s). An audio interface is simply what you need to get sound (audio signal) into your computer.

How can I listen to my electronic drums without headphones?

If you want to hear your electronic drums without wearing headphones, you’ll need an amplifier and speaker (a monitor). There are monitors specifically made for electronic drums, and keyboard amps and PAs also work well.

How do I connect my Alesis to my computer?


  1. Connect the DM10 module to your computer using a USB Cable and turn it on.
  2. Open up the DAW of your choice. …
  3. For Ableton, hold down on the left click on your mouse and then drag the Addictive Drums Plug-In into the Mixer Window to the right.

How do I hook up my electric drum to my laptop?

And show you it's really easy just plug it into the back of the controller. And then you plug the USB into a computer in this case I'm using a laptop that's running Linux Mint.

How do you multi track electronic drums?

You need to go through the setup button which is right here on the top of the machine hit setup. And then.

Can you plug electronic drums into GarageBand?

And get that connected there we need to get the MIDI data from the drum module into GarageBand an EM audio uno I believe it's actually called it's got one MIDI in one MIDI out goes to USB.

Can you use headphones with electronic drums?

Electronic drums — also referred to as E-drums — solve this problem by actually providing such a knob and allowing you to use headphones or earphones to play as loud as you want without anyone else hearing you do your best imitation of Tommy Aldridge, John Bonham or [insert name of favorite drummer here].

Can I use a speaker as an amp for electronic drums?

Connect to a speaker

A speaker can also get the job done in amplifying your electronic drum set. The sound quality of regular speakers like this can vary wildly, and it’s better to use a proper PA system when playing gigs.

How can I listen to music and play electric drums?

Coming through your headphones in stereo if the audio of the track is too loud or too quiet relative to the sound of the drums. Simply adjust the volume on your device.

How do I pair my Alesis nitro kit to my computer?

Again it's just one cable one USB cable running from the computer to the module. But you don't have to use Mac you can use with our windows.

What is USB MIDI mode?

MIDI for Android

Android supports USB On-The-Go, which permits an Android device to act as a USB host to drive USB peripherals. The USB host mode APIs permit developers to implement MIDI over USB at the application level, but until recently there have been no built-in platform APIs for MIDI.

How do I connect my Alesis DM7X to my computer?

Just connect the DM7X module to your computer or sound module with a USB cable or 5-pin DIN MIDI cable, and then:

  1. Press the UTILITY button until the screen shows LOC. This stands for “Local”.
  2. Use the Left & Right buttons to change this setting to OFF.

How do I record electronic drums in audacity?

And a more difficult way let's talk about the easy way first all you need for this process is an 8 inch audio cable that can reach all the way from your drum set to your computer.

How do you play Alesis electronic drums?

So if I want to play it I just push push stop and start. Cool now if I want to take out the drum part. I just push drum off there goes the drums. Now say I want to add a click I just hit. Click.

Is Alesis Nitro mesh worth it?

The Nitro Mesh is ideal for someone starting out, but equally it is an excellent practice option for more experienced players. It coves a wide range of styles with a good mix of acoustic, electronic and percussion-based kits. For up-and-coming players, the dynamic range is very passable.

Can you use a double pedal on Alesis Nitro mesh?

Yes it can you can do it a couple of different ways you can either do it with an actual double bass drum pedal connected to the kick drum pad.