How can I fix rattling tremolo?

Asked by: Mark Kue

How do I fix my bridge rattling?

Right. But see if I can make it go away just by using my pick down here and push on that wire a little bit and shift it. Around. Still there still there like.

How do you fix a loose tremolo bar?

And the next step is super simple you just need to unscrew. Your whammy bar or your tremolo arm drop in one of the springs. And reattach the arm.

How do you fix a squeaky tremolo?

You want to get something that's obviously. Large enough to fit over your spring. So you can slide it in and then just slide it. Over your straight your spring like so. And then heat it up.

Why is my guitar making rattling noises?

Rattle occurs when vibrating strings make contact with the frets. The vibrations interfere with the string oscillation and lead to an impure sound. The energy in the string is partially absorbed by the rattle which leads to a quicker decay of the tone.

Why is my whammy bar loose?

Open up the tremolo cavity on the back of your guitar, and there should be a small screw on the back of the tremolo, tighten that and your whammy bar should stay tighter. I’ve already looked at that before. It’s as tight as it can go.

How tight should a tremolo bar be?

If you’ve got a vintage style whammy (with the six screws, not two) it’s supposed to ‘rest’ on the body. Tighten the screw just enough that it stays flat on the body.

How do I keep my tremolo arm in place?

Into goes all the way through the block there's no bottom to it. Then you'll have to find another solution like plumber's tape or something in any event this is the cheapest and easiest.

How do I fix floating trem?

The strings are pulling the bridge. This way and this is slightly tilted here so there's a tremolo arm. And do the tremolo motion.

Can a whammy bar break strings?

It doesnt break or even go out of tune, and the strings are so lose they’re like rubber bands.

Is tremolo a whammy bar?

You may have heard whammy bars referred to as vibrato bars and tremolo bars interchangeably. Technically, tremolo is an oscillation of volume, and vibrato is an oscillation of the pitch itself. The terms are used synonymously, but the correct definition for the mechanism we’re talking about here is vibrato.

Is a tremolo worth it?

it’s worth it if you use one, it’s not if you don’t. it’s pretty much as simple as that. EDIT: just make sure you don’t get a crap quality locking (or non-locking, but especially locking, as some of the cheapo licensed floyds are horrendous and may put you off trems for life!) trem.

Does whammy bar damage guitar?

A whammy bar will not damage the guitar, nor the guitar strings. The only problem is they can go out of tune quite often (depending on your playing).