Help identifying old electric guitar?

Asked by: Chris Hegreberg

How do I find the model of my electric guitar?

Many guitars will have a model name next to the brand name, or it will be placed somewhere else on the guitar. Check the entire guitar as model names can be put just about anywhere (truss rod cover, neckplate, tailpiece, etc.). Remember that many guitar books focus on individual brands as well as individual models.

Can you look up a guitar by serial number?

You can look up a serial number either in Gruhn’s Guide or run the number in the manufacturer’s database. The serial number itself will give you date information and the database will have a description of the guitar so you can check the specs of the guitar in question.

How do I find out what year my guitar was made?

For US instruments, the serial number will start with a letter. That letter indicates the decade. The second character will usually be a number. That number indicates the specific year.

How can you tell if a guitar is vintage?

What is a vintage guitar? While an antique is defined as an object over 100 years old, there’s no strict chronological definition of what makes something vintage. Typically, though, guitars around 30 years old or older fall into that category, and even newer instruments will often be labeled as such by sellers.

What is a model number on a guitar?

The first digit of the model number indicates the series and the woods used to create the guitar. This system ranges from the 100 series up to the 900 series. The second digit tells you whether it is a 6-string (denoted by a 1) or 12-string (denoted by a 5) guitar.

What makes a guitar vintage?

A vintage guitar is an older guitar usually sought after and maintained by avid collectors or musicians. The term may indicate either that an instrument is merely old, or that is sought after for its tonal quality, cosmetic appearance, or historical significance.

How do you date an electric guitar?

Look for a date marker on the neck.

There should be a date on the neck and a date on the body. If those two dates match up, that’s probably the exact date your guitar was built.

How old is the guitar?

The guitar is an ancient and noble instrument, whose history can be traced back over 4000 years. Many theories have been advanced about the instrument’s ancestry. It has often been claimed that the guitar is a development of the lute, or even of the ancient Greek kithara.

How old is my Fender guitar?

Dating Your U.S.-Made Fender Instrument

Most notably, production dates have been penciled or stamped on the butt end of the heel of the neck of most guitars and basses, although there were periods when this was not consistently done (1973 to 1981, for example) or simply omitted.

What old guitars are worth money?

25 Most Valuable Guitars

  1. 1958-’59 Gibson Explorer. ($250,000 to $310,000) …
  2. 1936-’42 Martin D-45. ($250,000 to $400,000) …
  3. 1958-’60 Gibson Les Paul Standard. ($225,000 to $375,000) …
  4. 1930-’33 Martin OM-45. …
  5. 1958-’59 Gibson Flying V. …
  6. 1931-’36 Martin D-28. …
  7. 1928-’42 Martin 000-45. …
  8. 1938-’42 Gibson Super Jumbo/SJ-200.

Do guitars increase in value with age?

Collectors items go up and down with demand, and an older guitar has more collection value than a 2013 one.

What makes a vintage guitar valuable?

Materials. One reason as to why vintage gear, specifically guitars, are more expensive and sought-after, is because of the materials they are made out of. The instruments made from the early 50’s until the 70’s were made from expensive woods, such as the renowned Brazilian Rosewood.

What is the most sought after electric guitar?

1954 Gibson Les Paul Custom «Black Beauty»

The first of the famous Gibson Les Paul Custom model guitars was personally owned by Les Paul. The guitarist worked on it and modified it, making it truly unique, making it the rarest electric guitar in the world.

Do vintage guitars appreciate?

Many vintage guitar purchases have proven to be exceptional investments. Take a 1956 Gibson Les Paul “Gold Top” that originally sold for about $, that guitar was worth anywhere from $30,000 to $85,000. That makes that original $400 a great investment!

Do vintage guitars appreciate in value?

Our experience has been that from 1963-75 vintage fretted instruments increased in value as much as 25 percent per year. From 1976-84, guitars went up slightly but not enough to keep up with the high inflation of the period.

How can I make money selling vintage guitars?

If you want to buy and sell lots of guitars cash is the way to do it the other way is on the back end run your business all in cash don't use credit cards.

Are vintage guitars better than new ones?

Older guitars often sound better than newer ones as they dry out over time which causes them to become harder leading to a more resonant tone with better sustain. The increase in age affects the tone more in acoustic guitars than electric ones.