Get rid of “Can’t find audio files” prompt in Logic Pro X?

Asked by: Monica Rodriguez

Go to the Project Audio Browser (Audio Bin in Logic 9) and locate the problematic files (they should appear there even if they are missing). Once there remove them from the project, and that should do the trick.

How do I get rid of audio not found logic?

The audio files are still referenced in your Logic project, in the Audio Bin, even though you’ve gotten rid of them from your HD. Click Skip All in that dialog box then go to your Audio Bin in Logic. You’ll see said audio files with an exclamation mark next to them. Highlight them in the Audio Bin and hit delete.

How do I get rid of clicks and pops in logic?

So I'm going to click that to turn it off but also I'm going to right-click it or command click and deselect. These two options here which is catch when starting.

How do I delete unused audio files in Logic Pro X?

In Logic Pro, choose File > Project Management > Clean Up. In the dialog that appears, select the checkboxes for the cleanup options you want to apply to the current project. Delete Unused Files: Files not used in any project alternative are deleted from the project, and removed from the Project Audio Browser.

Where are my Logic audio files?

Go to your Preferences>General and choose the Advanced tab and make sure the “Show Advanced Tools” box is checked. Then if you go to Record>Recording Settings… you should see the Audio Recording Path available at the bottom of that window to pick and choose your path. Hope this helps

How do you get rid of clicks when sampling?

Because it fades as a whole it does just fade the end it fades the whole sample gradually. So what you might want to do is right-click go to edit.

What causes clicks and pops in audio?

Pops and clicks are unwanted audio artifacts caused by the powering up and down of components within the audio subsystem. This is noticeable on PCs when an audio module is either loaded or unloaded (at module load time the sound card is powered up and causes a popping noise on the speakers).

How do I find missing logic files?

If your files do not reappear when you open Logic Pro X, try opening Finder on your Mac, find Logic Pro X in your applications, and right-click to select “Show Package Contents.” Within the package contents, look for a folder titled “Alternatives,” and within that look for one labeled “000.” Finally, within that “000”