FL Studio 12 – How To Create An Overlay (Double) Effect With Your Voice?

Asked by: James Baum

How do I double my voice on FL Studio?

But the first thing we want to do is um. So what I did here was I recorded. This double take once and then I actually duplicated.

How do you double track your voice?

Popular ways to implement vocal double tracking include:

  1. Manually recording the same vocal line multiple times into separate tracks.
  2. Copy/pasting a vocal track and adjust the timing slightly to stagger the tracks, creating a chorus effect.

How do you add effects to your voice on FL Studio?

So I'm going to kind of show you how we can spice it up first we're going to go in and add reverb. We're going to use this default setting.

How can I make my voice sound like Zhu?

You want to set it to the correct key of the song in this case zeus faded is in d minor. If you ever need to figure out the key of a song there's a great website called toon bat.

What is doubling voice effect?

Double tracking or doubling is an audio recording technique in which a performer sings or plays along with their own prerecorded performance, usually to produce a stronger or bigger sound than can be obtained with a single voice or instrument.

Do you have to double vocals?

It depends on what genre and style of music you’re going for. If you’re making modern rap music than no, you don’t need a vocal double track for the main verses. This is because doing a vocal double is going to make your vocals sound muddy and outdated.

What does it mean to stack vocals?

What does it mean to “stack” a vocal? Stacking vocals in a very general sense just means having multiple vocal tracks in your session. When you’ve got two vocals playing back at the same time, you add complexity and density to your mix.

How do you record your voice like John Lennon?

Well known Lennon vocal trick: record the vocal track twice, and pan the tracks hard left ‘n right. A “slapback” delay (around 80ms on any delay plugin) can do also, but is not the same ofcourse… Yes, overdubbing is the trick! They also used an ADT-machine, that introduces a comb-filtering effect.

What does doubling the vocals help the vocals do?

Executed well, doubled vocals can add serious impact, depth and presence to your lead vocals, allowing the lyrics and melody to come through even stronger. We’ll be exploring multiple ways you can double vocals to achieve that stereo width in your mixes.

Why is mixing vocals so hard?

Mixing is hard because you have to train your ears to hear stuff you haven’t previously heard. It’s like learning an instrument. It takes patience and practice. And once you can hear all that stuff you still have to experiment a lot to have an opinion about it.

How do I make my voice echo for singing?

Now the trick is to start each syllable louder. The very first sound you make louder like Mike Mike my crow crow crow phone phone push it out that little bit louder.

Is reverb the same as echo?

Reverb is the same concept as an echo but with a smaller reflection time that often comes back within a second and conflates with the sound that hasn’t finished yet.

How do I add reverb to live vocals?

By turning up the aux. Send note this is always post fader. The sound level going to the reverb. Effect is also adjusted by moving the vocal channels fader.

How do I add reverb to my microphone?

Basically the under special effects the left one says reverb the right one says delay. So since we're working as a reverb we're gonna use this right here.

How do I add voice effects?

You could go to the voice effects. Option on the top right.

What is the best effect for vocal?


Reverb. Reverb is one of the most commonly used vocal effects heard in recorded music.