Fat/Thick lips/skin making endurance on oboe difficult?

Asked by: Leslie Gomez

How do I strengthen my embouchure oboe?

To Improve your embouchure when you are not actively practicing you should periodically flex the key muscles in short bursts to really train the muscle memory. Holding a pencil by the end in your mouth like you would a reed can help train the muscles you use to play.

How do I relax my oboe embouchure?

Just past the soft fleshy area of your lips. Step. Number four use your lips to surround the reed and blow through the reed.

How do I increase my stamina oboe?

Stamina building on the oboe is achieved through playing long sustained notes on a daily basis. Spending 10 minutes on long notes over the entire range, shortening the length of time taken to rest between each will get those lungs, mouth and face muscles strong and ready in a relatively short space of time.
Apr 20, 2007

How do you increase your embouchure endurance?

You are using less energy to get the same or a better result that's what playing more efficiently is it's easier to play all the systems of the body are related the embouchure.

Why does my oboe sound Spitty?

You could try softer reeds, or squeezing the blades of your reed closer together: If you’re biting or squeezing too hard with your lips, your mouth will produce more saliva as though you were chewing food. The less pressure you use with your lips/mouth, the less saliva will be produced.
May 25, 2012

How much oboe reed should be in the mouth?

approximately 1/3

In order for the reed and oboe to respond well, one must place their embouchure on the heart or top of the heart of the reed, with approximately 1/3 of the reed in the mouth. The teeth must remain far apart in order to allow the reed to vibrate, and the lips must be rolled in over the teeth.

Can you play oboe with an overbite?

Oboe is a specialty instrument with a unique and soloistic sound. Physical Characteristics: Oboe players need to have the ability to reach the keys. A slight overbite is okay. Double-jointedness can be troublesome.

How do you play high notes with big lips?

Inside the cup. That's the goal. I want to get that inside the cup. Because the top lip helps us helps the lips vibrate.

Why is oboe so hard?

Learning the oboe can be extremely difficult because of its often counter-intuitive technique, issues with reeds, and the lack of experienced teachers and materials for the instrument.

How long should oboe reeds last?

Oboe reeds last for about 10-15 hours of playing and usually no longer than one month after construction, though some reeds, un-played and kept in stable environments, may last longer . Changes in weather may shorten or extend a reed’s viability.

How do you practice oboe quietly?

Try to stick to the beat. And also try to have variety of ways of starting the note you can start harder. And then and then try softer.

How often should I practice oboe?

How frequently should I be practicing the Oboe? This one is a straightforward answer – practice daily. Like this, you’ll change your oboe practice into a routine. A fairly short, specific daily practice is a lot more valuable than twice every week an hour or so at a time.

How do you control dynamics on oboe?

A larger opening will lower the pressure at the nozzle, a smaller opening will raise the air pressure. Relating that to the oboe, the larger the nozzle (more open the embouchure) the less pressure at the reed (the lower the pitch).
Jun 23, 2016