Electric Piano, Organ on Rolling Stones Fool to Cry?

Asked by: Ian Tinsley

Who plays piano on Fool to Cry?

Jagger plays electric piano and Nicky Hopkins performs regular piano on the track, with Hopkins also playing the string synthesizer. Released as the lead single off Black and Blue in 1976, “Fool to Cry” reached No. 6 on the UK Singles Chart and No. 10 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100.

Who played guitar on Fool to Cry?

guitarist Wayne Perkins

American guitarist Wayne Perkins, who played on “Fool To Cry,” was one of the players the Stones considered to replace Mick Taylor, who left the band in December 1974.

Who played guitar on black and blue?

As a result, you’ll hear Harvey Mandel, Wayne Perkins, and Ronnie Wood (the latter of whom would get the job and appear on the album sleeve even though he only played guitar on three of the songs) throughout Black and Blue.

What happened to the band Black N Blue?

Later years and solo careers
Songs such as “Nasty Nasty” and “Rock On” were minor hits for the band, but neither of the albums could recapture the Black ‘N Blue sound of old, and the band broke up in 1989. After the band’s break up, many of the former band members took on different projects.

Where is black and blue filmed?

New Orleans

Director Deon Taylor, left, and Naomie Harris with cast and crew on the set of the New Orleans-filmed ‘Black and Blue. ‘

Who is on the cover of Black and Blue?

5FDP Tap Queen’s Brian May, Country Star on ‘Blue on Black’ Cover.

What does the phrase black and blue mean?

badly bruised

or to beat someone black and blue. phrase. If you say that someone is black and blue, you mean that they are badly bruised. The next day I was black and blue and couldn’t move my neck.

Who first sang Blue on Black?

Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band

“Blue on Black” is a song by American blues rock group Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band. Written by Shepherd with Mark Selby and Tia Sillers, it was originally released on their second studio album, Trouble Is… (1997).

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