Electric Guitar: when playing seated, is it a bad habit that the neck is not locked at a fixed position?

Asked by: Joshua Geiger

How should I hold my electric guitar when sitting down?

The first thing is to keep the guitar close to your body. Bring your right hand over. And use that to hold it in right there then you can bring your left hand up.

How should I hold my guitar when seating?

This is how you hold the guitar while sitting. You want to put it on your right leg and it goes right right in this little crease here.

Is it bad to rest a guitar on its neck?

For a solid-body electric guitar, or other guitars where the strap connects to the body, hanging it from the strap should be absolutely fine. The body is relatively rigid, and as long as you don’t bash the neck around it should suffer no damage.

How should I hold my guitar neck when playing?

The first thing you want to do is make sure that the thumb is behind the neck and completely relaxed it's supporting the guitar it's not pressing. Into the guitar a lot of beginners.

Can you play electric guitar sitting?

You can play the electric guitar while seated in seats that do not have arm rests. The curve on the lower part of the body should sit comfortably on your right thigh. The back of the guitar body should rest against the right side of your abdomen or chest (depending on how big a person you are).

How low should you hold your guitar?

Position the soundhole slightly to the right of the center of your body. Let your right arm gently relax over the body so your hand rests above the soundhole. Angle the neck of the guitar up slightly (10-15°).

Should my guitar be parallel to my body?

You could not walk through doors without turning sideways. So when sitting, you want to hold your guitar at an angle between those two points. A 45 degree angle from your center. This gives you plenty of support as you hold on to the body.

Should I hold my guitar by the neck?

Holding the guitar neck

Guitar neck hand positioning is also very important guitar basic to get right from the beginning because playing chords will be 10 times harder if you don’t get it right. First, let’s see how your fret hand would look holding the guitar from the back of the neck

Should you wear a guitar strap while sitting?

Always use a guitar strap when in a seated position, so that your hands and arms are completely free when you’re playing. A sliding guitar costs strength and accuracy. Place the guitar on your left leg in order to allow your playing hand to move to all positions.

Should you practice guitar sitting or standing?

If you ask amateur guitarists whether they sit or stand when they play, it’s a safe bet that most would say they almost exclusively sit. It’s more comfortable to sit and play. You can see the fretboard. Besides, playing with the guitar hanging from the neck feels awkward and it’s too difficult to finger notes.

Is a guitar strap worth it?

The answer is, yes, a thicker, wider (more expensive) strap is beneficial. They don’t slide up and down on your shoulder. They don’t dig in your shoulder. They don’t tire you out when using a heavy guitar.