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Ok, prepare yourself for some seriously dirty, heavy rock ‘n’ roll from this German band! Influences from Motorhead, AC/DC, and Airborne are plain to see but these guys apply their unique stamp on proceedings.

Sticky Fingers kicks off proceedings with an innuendo laden number that can’t be ignored! A great video accompanies this release but be sure the kids aren’t watching over your shoulder!

Track 2 is Desert Road and, true to form, this is a high energy rocker that kicks you right in the gut!

Stormbringer is a truly awesome track that has it all. Lemmy himself would have been proud of this track! This is rock ‘n’ roll in its purest and rawest form.

Track 4 Fear The Reaper starts slow before exploding into a wall of sound with a driving rhythm that is truly relentless.

Seeds Of Evil keeps the energy flowing nicely with some guitar riffs and some pretty insane drum work. Definitely no sign of a let up here!

Machine Gun Preacher opens with an interesting narrative that makes you wonder where this is going. Have I accidently tuned into the God channel by mistake, I thought? Fear not, it soon kicks in to some serious rock that stops you reaching for the dial!

Track 7 is the band’s signature track, El Pistolero and really is a statement of what these guys are all about!

Down Under one can only think of as homage to their AC/DC influence. For the first time in this album you might think they’ve taken their foot off of the gas as this is more of a high speed cruise instead of a car chase!

Still Riding is a dark and dirty rocker with all the elements you have come t expect from these guys. I have no doubt the mosh pits will be busy when they hit the stage with this!

Track 10, Five Bullets Come In Peace continues with the energetic frenzy that is packed into this album. A chorus that is seriously catchy and will doubtless be sung back at the guys at live gigs.

Liquor And Tits, now that’s a song title for you! Not sure how radio DJs will get around that one! Great tune though!

The album closes with Painkillers, something you’re likely to need for your aching neck after listening to this excellent album!

So this album is definitely one for fans of the aforementioned Motorhead, AC/DC and Airborne! This is a relentless parade of awesome rock that cannot be ignored! Whilst it is easy to draw comparisons with other bands of the genre, these guys bring a huge measure of originality and put their own unique stamp on the work. Expect to be thrilled and you won’t be disappointed!

Mexican Standoff is due for release on 19th February 2021 on the Metalapolis Records label.

Words: Nick Luxford

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