Editting Certain note in Sibelius?

Asked by: Jenny Thompson

How do you edit parts in Sibelius?

As we start opening parts you'll notice that sibelius creates a tab for each one of them. Click on a tab to view a part and drag the tabs in any order you like.

How do you select notes in Sibelius?

Once one is in the score with something selected, one can easily select notes or bars without using the mouse:

  1. To select to the right by note, simply use the shortcut: Shift-right arrow. …
  2. To select by bar, simply add Ctrl or Command to Shift+left or right arrow, as Ctrl or Command is the modifier for “more”.

How do I delete notes in Sibelius?

To delete a note(s) from a staff and move all the succeeding notes to the left, you don’t even need to delete that note. You just pick up all the succeeding notes and place them down on the first spot of that no-longer-wanted note(s).

How do I add multiple notes in Sibelius?

AS Adrian said select the note you want to add to , then press any of the top row of numbers on the Main Computer Keyboard (Not the number pad)to add that interval above the selected note. If you want the interval below use shift + the number. Sibelius 7.1.

How do I separate voices in Sibelius?

First: How to split combined voices? You can silence one of the voices by selecting the staff, choosing (say) Edit>Filter>Voices>Voice2 and making that voice silent using Properties.